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27710Re: [libertybasic] USB Support

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  • David Speck
    Sep 1 10:26 AM
      Other LB users have been able to use LB to talk to USB controlling DLLs,
      like external A/D converter boards. You will need to have the specifics
      of how the control DLLs work, but most USB interface chip suppliers
      provide pre-written Windows control DLLs for their USB chips. If your
      USB interface chips do not come with control DLLs, you might want to
      look at different ones that come with the necessary software, as writing
      and debugging the control DLLs can be difficult. There is a fair bit of
      overhead involved in initializing a USB device, and also handling whet
      happens if it is unplugged while in operation.

      There are sections in the LB conforums about DLL interfaces. Previous
      posts archived in this newsgroup may also be helpful. I believe that
      Alyce's eBook on LB has a section on implementing DLLs.

      LB itself is not, I believe capable of providing native host side
      support for custom USB devices, and I'm not sure it could be done in VB,
      either. That sort of project is usually done in C or assembly.


      mikensd5464 wrote:

      >I am developing a USB peripheral device. Eventually, I will need to
      >have this device communicate on a Windows XP platform. The first
      >question I have is, will I be able to use Liberty Basic to create an
      >application on Windows XP to provide the communication between my USB
      >device and Windows XP? Will I need to use (or can I use) the Windows
      >XP API with Liberty basic to do this? How much Windows XP API
      >knowledge would I need to obtain to do this? I am writing the firmware
      >in the external USB device so I have complete control of what needs to
      >be done for USB support in the device. I don't have any application
      >level DLL's on the PC host to support the USB so I am wondering to what
      >extent Liberty Basic could be used to provide this interface.
      >I suppose I could look at Visual Basic to do this but that would seem
      >like over kill if Liberty Basic could do the job.
      >Is it worth considering Liberty Basic for this? And if so, where is
      >the best place to find some helpful examples or tutorials for this.
      >Any pointers in the right direction on how to do this would be
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