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26065Re: [libertybasic] processing equations

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  • Chergarj@cs.com
    May 1 12:04 AM
      In a message dated 04/30/2005 11:56:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      ingemar.bjerle@... writes:
      > In your case you have an equation with two unknowns x and y and in order to
      > find the values of x and y that I guess is your goal you need another
      > equation D*x+E*y=F. Now you have an equation system that can be solved by a Gauss
      > elimination routine. Here you have the choice to to write your equations
      > directly in the source code or introduce them to the program from textboxes and
      > use Eval for evaluation.
      > IB

      I do not believe that EVAL() will allow any efficiency for user-entered
      equations. The original idea is far beyond my capabilities. The thought was let
      user enter two most likely distinct linear equations, in any form, let user
      select data for plotting purposes on his own effort, and let the program check
      the user's decisions. A graphical solution would be displayed AS A GRAPH, and
      the result of the user's decision for the solution would also be displayed on
      the same graph for user to compare. I believe this is beyond my capability.

      G C

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