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24998Re: [libertybasic] Re: linking to a website and beyond

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  • Rick
    Mar 1, 2005
      So far so good! I copied the code, changed the url and added http to it and
      then saved the file as txt. The CSV was the only thing in the file - that's
      perfect for building a file of stock prices.. Storm had the right idea,
      that is to open a window using the url and reading the data. I couldn't get
      it to work but Alyce sure did. I'll look at the code today and see if I
      can get rid of the dialog box, add the ticker symbol to the data collected,
      open the txt file for append and wham! No more entering 250 stock prices,
      one at a time every week. Note to audience, this old fat blind guy is a
      pauper, not a prince, but finds the game fascinating to play anyway. Man,
      after several days of grinding frustration reading about all the acronyms
      that MS put out just to do something, it's a real pleasure to find a common
      sense approach to doing things. The KISS philosophy has always been my
      motto as it leads to faster execution, more maintainable code and more
      robust applications when finished - not to mention fewer gray hairs all over
      my old bod.
      Well, off to study the code to see what made it work and venture into that
      technical realm. By the way, my financial is for personal use for now at
      least but the suggestions about running on other machines and other systems
      might come into play some day so thanks to William, if I remember, for the
      comment about not usingexplicit paths for any internal references unless
      local to my app folders.
      See ya on the other side:
      Rick of Farmington Mich. USA
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