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22874Re: [libertybasic] AW: Generating Standalone Programmes

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  • Prospero
    Oct 6, 2004

      At the risk of going even further off topic, Stefan's comments were of interest
      to me as I have a laptop that has for some months refused to recognise any DVDs
      or write anything to CDs. It plays music CDs and reads data CDs, including
      homeomade ones, perfectly happily. I tried the suggestion below which appears to
      make no difference. Any other ideas?

      All the best,


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      Subject: [libertybasic] AW: Generating Standalone Programmes

      > GC,
      > you may disable all the AutoPlay options of the CD-writer.
      > Under WinXP they are found in the properties sheet of the drive.
      > This is a general advice for any burning software, if it doesn't function
      > properly.
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