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20495Issue #119, The Liberty BASIC Newsletter

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  • Alyce Watson
    Apr 1 5:16 AM
      The April issue is out. The contents are listed below. Please do not
      discuss the newsletter here in the yahoo group. Please place comments,
      questions, etc. on the newsletter feedback board here:

      Get your copy of the newsletter at one of these two locations:

      In this issue:

      API Translator - by Colin McMurchie
      Window Help - by Jim Brossman
      Real Time Communication Under Windows - by Peter Hawken
      Slider Control - by Brad Moore
      Desktop Shortcuts - by Gordon Rahman
      Quick Visual Designer - a New GUI Designer for LB
      A Dozen Rules for Writing Code - by Alyce Watson
      Tip Corner - Reading DATA into Arrays - by Alyce Watson
      API Corner - Easy Polygon - by Alyce Watson
      -- Triangle Drawing Demo using Polygon Code
      Sprite Byte: User-Controlled Sprite - by Alyce Watson
      -- Shell to DOS - by Gordon Sweet
      -- Morse Code Tutor - by Gordon Sweet
      -- Batch File to Ping a Website - by Scott Bannon
      -- Multicolumn Listbox - by Alyce Watson

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