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16671Some Problems - Text Boxes and Scroll Bars......

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  • Richard Tivey
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Hi Everyone,
      I'm having some problems...

      The first is one is about a text box that is there anyway of disabling a text box so that a user can't change it but my program can? I found a script on Alyces page but that greyed out the box not just disabled it.
      The next problem is about a scroll bar, is there a script that creates a scroll bar and when a user clicks on the scroll bar it changes an integer variable. For Example, if you click the down arrow it makes the variable go from 4 to 5.
      The next (sorry about this) is a mixture of both. Is there a way to get rid of both scroll bars around a TextEditor control?

      Thanks Alot (Sorry theres so much, but im still not very good with DLL calls )

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