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14419Re: [libertybasic] Direct execution of file

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  • Alyce Watson
    Apr 1, 2003
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      At 03:13 AM 4/1/2003 +0000, you wrote:
      > > Yes, but all these things do start the editor. If what he is
      > > looking for is a way to run his program without the editor at all,
      > > the runtime engine is required. This is only available to
      > > registered users. ;-)
      > > -Carl
      >Yes, but I *am* a registered user. I've found a really good editor
      >I want to have it evoke the program from there.
      >How do I do it?

      I already gave you the answer, David.

      Use you editor to "run" LB and send the filename in the command line, using
      the optional switches that cause LB to minimize automatically while
      running, and to exit automatically when the program finishes. (Note that
      the -m switch is broken in this version, so don't try to use it.) This is
      documented in the helpfile under "using a different code editor." This is
      the way I run programs written in LB Workshop. You can run it with a
      simple "run" command as it is done in the open souce editor, or by api
      calls, as it is done in Dennis' editor, JaLBe. Just send in the filename
      in the commnand line, with the -r switch to run it in LB.

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