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    NEED PRIVATE MONEY!!! Carlton E. Holloway Jr. ceholloway2003@yahoo.com Executive Summary Our aim is to redevelop properties all ready acquire in the in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2004

      Carlton E. Holloway Jr.

      Executive Summary

      Our aim is to redevelop properties all ready acquire in the in the
      Union Square neighborhood, and to buy property 30% below fair market
      value. This project will start with 229 South Stricker St. This
      property is a strategic one block away from homes that have sold for
      over $100,000 in the pass 6 months. In the 200 block homes have been
      sold for over $50,000 in the last 6 months. Because the title to this
      property can be transferred easily, and because of the values it
      boasts in that block it will yield the best return in the shortest
      length of time.

      Union Square
      Named for the charming and graceful park that lies at its center,
      Union Square is an exceptional and diverse urban setting. Within its
      borders the colorful and storied history of 19th and 20th century
      Baltimore unfolds through distinctive architecture, historic markets,
      local museums, and longtime residents. The neighborhood is home to
      several art galleries, artist studios, and a bed and breakfast (The
      1870 Guest House) that overlooks the square. An uncommon synergy
      prevails in the neighborhood as residents, both long-standing and
      newly arrived, work together through various committees and forums to
      enhance the area's quality of life. Toward that end, Union Square is
      also actively engaged in outreach with other nearby neighborhoods and
      non-profit groups. It's near by B&O Railroad Museum, the birthplace
      of railroading in America. Just blacks away from the Harbor, and
      Camden Yard Baseball Stadium.

      Types of Houses
      On the Square and on nearby streets, spacious three-story Italianate
      style row houses pre-dominate. Most are pre- and post- Civil War
      Italianate in style, but there are many examples of Early Victorian
      Greek Revival and Late Victorian Romanesque Revival. Many homes have
      ten-to fourteen-foot ceilings, tall distinctive windows, wood floors,
      and plaster walls. Exteriors are brick and mortar facades with
      attractive cornices and marble steps. On side streets and alleys are
      found still charming two-story and two-story-with-attic rows. House
      prices range from $50,000 to $175,000. The 229 South Stricker street
      property shares the quality of homes that exist in the neighborhood.
      It is 4 stores, with 4 bedrooms, the back bedrooms give you a clear
      view of the city and at night the Camden yard lights gleam the sky.
      It's it proper state it will be a demand property in the future even
      a it boosts relative demand now
      The 200 block has had sells in the recent 6 months of $50,000 or
      better. This gives us an approximate value of 229 South Stricker
      street, the subject property. We need to generate $27,500 to pay-off
      the present mortgage on the property. The mortgage holders have
      agreed to settle the lien for 30% below the original loan. This will
      give us the equity to refinance the home for 55% of the value. This
      will give us $27,500.

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