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  • Anwar Ejaz
    Dear Colleagues, Assalam o Alaikum It is my request to all the worthy members and the moderators, that at least we should have some agreed principles for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2006

      Dear Colleagues, Assalam o Alaikum


      It is my request to all the worthy members and the moderators, that at least we should have some agreed principles for communication on these forums.


      It is not difficult for any member to COLOR other member’s message. Since we don’t write in legal language therefore, deriving some specific meaning from any message is in no way difficult. If any member feel himself/herself fails to understand meaning of any particular message, instead of publishing it for everybody, he/she should write to the person directly for further explanation. Otherwise this practice can sometimes start unnecessary and unhealthy discussions on such forums.


      Madam Bushra is a very senior and respected professional. Instead of answering her questions on this forum I feel it more respectful to write to her directly.


      May Allah Bless You All


      Anwar Ejaz



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      Subject: Re: Pakistan Library Cooperation Group (LIBCOOP) Re: [plagpk] Response To the comments from defunct PLA Office Bearers


      Dear Anwe Ejaz:

      Thank You for sharing the constitution copy with all. This was much required. This is regarding your following suggestion:

      • Its my request to all worthy members of these lists ……….. Instead of adopting a mob strategy (which sometimes become directionless in the end), we should have a meeting in Islamabad

      This is what we are trying to do. A meeting in Islamabad or Lahore or wherever the volunteering participants agree to meet.

      •  (or wherever it’s possible), where all possible solutions to this problem should be discussed. And,

      Why not present all possible solutions on the Lists for everyone's knwoledge. Like its being done. A General Body Meeting Process if being suggested as a viable solution. If you don't think so, please do let all know. May be you have a better solution.  

      • A group of 10-15 people can be nominated to visit Peshawar to talk to Sain Muhammad Malik and Mr. Atta ullah for immediate announcement of GB meeting.

      Do you still think it is required after Dr. Mumtaz Anwer's Letter? If there is no action on the letter which is a request from the most senior and respectable and knowledgeable person of the profession,  does a group of 10-15 members carry more value than that? When many such delegations have been unsuccessful in getting the desired results? If you still have a valid reason for being so hopeful, please share it with us.

        • Also in that meeting a requisition having required number of signatures can be prepared, so that, if members of the delegation feel some non seriousness in HQ attitude ………..

      Are you sure You still don't feel any NONE SERIOUSNESS IN HQ Attitude????"???? AND WHICH HQ????????????? IS there any HQ existing????????????

      • they would be able to file the requisition immediately.

      Are You sure only 10-15 members can file the requisition? 

      Your clarifications of these issues may clear many confusions. I will wait for your answers. Thank You once again.

      Thank You for using the UN Digital Library Services
      ----- :)


      Bushra Almas Jaswal
      UN Digital Librarian
      E-mail: balmas@...
      United Nations Digital Library C/o UNIC, #26, St.88, G-6/3, Islamabad , PAKISTAN www.un.org.pk/library/index.htm
      Phones: (92-051) 2828015 & 2826036
      Fax (92-051) 2271856
      Moblie (92)0300-5117435

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