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  • Muhammad Rafiq
    Thought, this might be of interest to LIBCOOP members! Rafiq ... From: Arlene Eis To: rafiqlibrarian@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday,
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      Thought, this might be of interest to LIBCOOP members!

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      Subject: Current INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE issue


          April 2008

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      The Guest Forum articles and the Featured Book links are accessible to free members. This month we are giving our non-Premium Members full access to ALL of the "Articles of Interest" and "Reports of Interest", and to lots of contents on our list of new journals. Happy reading!
      ILOSearch now searches through 70,000+ documents, indexing 300 periodicals back to January 2003, with full-text of articles from 150 journals...


      Download Mandarin M3 Free!
      The award-winning, Windows-based library management system can now be downloaded FREE from the Mandarin web site. The download includes cataloging, circulation (including basic reports), OPAC, and inventory. Add-on modules are available, including Web OPAC, Authority Control, and more. Visit the Mandarin web site at <www.informedlibrarian.com/mandarinfree.cfm> to learn more and download M3.

      The April 2008 issue of The Informed Librarian Online is now up at our web site.

      To view the issue, go to <http://www.informedlibrarian.com/this_month.cfm>
      The issue will remain at this page for the entire month.

      This month's highlights:
      * Guest Forum - Our guest columnist is Ken Kozlowski. Ken shares his experiences in moving his library from print to web, and describes the issues involved in deciding to switch. These are choices all of us have wrestled with in maintaining and updating our library collections.
      Coming next month: Paula Seeger is our special guest! She shares her thoughts on "The Digital Divide Inside the Library: Investing in Minimum Technology Competencies for Library Staff".

      * Featured Book -
      Dougherty, Richard M. Streamlining Library Services: What We Do, How Much Time It Takes, What It Costs, and How We Can Do It Better. Lanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2006. 256pp.



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      view the FULL issue and ALL the links, and to access ILOSearch.

      Premium Members have access to 11 full-text restricted articles this month.
      This month there are two articles from each of the following: Elsevier (ScienceDirect), Emerald, Taylor & Francis, IOS Press, and Sage Publications.

      * Featured Articles -

      Article Repositories and Journal Subscription - Future Scenarios

      Blogging: Self Presentation and Privacy

      First-Level LIS Education and Training: A Comparison Between South Africa and Canada

      Flexible Work Practices and the LIS Sector: Balancing the Needs of Work and Life?

      Information Literacy Strategy Development in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study

      Instant Messaging on Campus: Use and Integration in University Students' Everyday Communication

      The Library is Dead, Long Live the Library! The Practice of Academic Librarianship and the Digital Revolution

      Pay-Per-View Article Access: A Viable Replacement for Subscriptions?

      Personality Traits of Individuals in Different Specialties of Librarianship

      Professionalizing Knowledge Sharing and CommunicationsChanging Roles for a Changing Profession

      Towards an Understanding of Information Literacy in Context: Implications for Research


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