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Join Margriet's plane to Amsterdam

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  • margrietloen@yahoo.com
    KLM Fill a Plane and Fly to Europe http://klm-email.com/a/tBJXE3QAQdwwbB7Wr$ACoz8BE.AQdwwbV7/link2?CTRY_LANG=id_en Having trouble viewing this E-mail? View the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2009
      KLM Fill a Plane
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        Hi LG,
      Pack your bags, we're flying to Europe!
      Guess what? I've just joined this amazing KLM competition called Fill a Plane, with incredible prizes up for grabs! How? First of all, join my plane by accepting this invitation. Then, help me make our plane the winning plane by inviting your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and anybody else you can think of. The more people we can persuade to join our plane, the greater the chance we have of winning incredible prizes for everyone on board, including round-trip tickets to Amsterdam. Just imagine the possibilities... let's team up and win this!
      Cheers, Join my plane
      1st prize
      2nd prize
      3rd prize
      4th prize
      Air France | KLM 
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