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  • John Bartenstein
    This list seems to be languishing. Perhaps I can spark things up a bit by passing on a great new restaurant find. Every now and then -- but not very often --
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 3, 2003
      This list seems to be languishing. Perhaps I can spark things up a bit
      by passing on a great new restaurant find.

      Every now and then -- but not very often -- you come across a restaurant
      with very reasonable prices and food so good it leaves a smile on your
      face. I recently had the pleasure of discovering, or rather
      rediscovering, just such a place. My first reaction was to keep it a
      secret. On further reflection, I concluded that it would be better to
      share the information with others to help the restaurant prosper and
      stay in business.

      The restaurant, Comella's, is a little hole-in-the-wall on Washington
      Street in West Newton, a few doors down from the West Newton movie
      theater, that serves home-made Italian cooking. It is mainly a take-out
      business, but there are three or four tables available if you want to
      eat in. A chalkboard over the counter lists about 30 different
      combinations of chicken, veal, meatballs, and various kinds of pasta.
      The specialty is something called "mess," a combination of many
      different pastas, sauce and cheese. The food is all of the highest
      quality, and really quite delicious. Indeed, it is some of the best
      Italian cooking I have ever had. The price range is about $6-10 per
      dish, and the quantities are generous.

      Several years ago, we stumbled on this spot, looking for a quick dinner
      in a pinch on the way home from a music recital at All Newton Music
      School, which is up the street. We had chicken parmigiana, lasagne,
      ziti with meatballs, all quite delicious. I recently had occasion to go
      back because I needed to grab a quick bite while waiting for a recital
      to begin. I ordered a veal parmigiana sub to go, and it was like no sub
      I have ever had before. It was piping hot, the veal was tender, the
      bread was fresh, the tomato sauce exquisite, and the cheese just melted
      in my mouth. I grinned as I ate it, and vowed right then and there to
      pass the word on.

      This little gem puts Vinnie Testa's and Mario's to shame. Now, if we
      could only get Comella's to move to Lexington Center!

      P.S. Has anyone tried any of the spots previously recommended on this
      list and had a good/bad experience? Has anyone else come upon any other
      good restaurant finds lately? How about a little feedback?

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      Subject: [lexington] Moderate Priced Restaurants in/near Lexington

      When Friday rolls around, we frequently find ourselves tired and wanting
      eat out instead of making dinner. I feel that we've gotten into a rut
      the restaurants we go to on these Friday nights out. The type of
      restaurants I'm looking for fit the following profile:

      1. Close to Lexington
      2. Not too expensive
      3. Not a long wait
      4. Not a chain, franchise or fast food

      Got any good places?



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