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Uber question

Has anyone used Uber to go to Logan airport? My son in Seattle only called about 5 minutes in advance of the time he wanted to leave. Is that possible early in
Marsha Byrnes
3:27 PM

Re: severe thunderstorm warning

Sorry - until 4:45. Kind of crazy right now... JJ Krawczyk
JJ Krawczyk
12:59 PM

Re: severe thunderstorm warning

Warning now includes all of Lexington and lasts until 5:15. Lost power near Bridge School. JJ Krawczyk
JJ Krawczyk
12:58 PM

Re: severe thunderstorm warning

Note that these storms today are featuring significant winds (60mph+), hail up to 2" in diameter, and rotation, although there have been no confirmed tornadoes
JJ Krawczyk
12:33 PM

severe thunderstorm warning

A severe thunderstorm warning was just issued, active until 4:30. The warning area includes the western part of Lexington. The storm is currently just
JJ Krawczyk
12:29 PM

severe storm / tornado warning to our north

A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado is just to our north. It should scoot by us in Lexington, but be aware that conditions can change
JJ Krawczyk
11:42 AM

Bikable City - learn from Spain learning from others

PK Shiu
10:30 AM

Tonight @ Cary Library

Hello! Tonight at Cary Library Heather Atwood, foodie, cookbook author, and activist will be speaking about the problems facing local sea life due to the
Meagan Parker
10:02 AM

severe thunderstorm watch

This morning was just a dress rehearsal. ;) JJ Krawczyk ===== Severe Thunderstorm Watch Statement as of 12:19 PM EDT on August 04, 2015 The National Weather
JJ Krawczyk
9:21 AM

Re: Beaches & Restaurants

No gnats, go green head flies. The only nuisance were the seagulls. They are relentless if you have any food that is even vaguely accessible. Kathleen
Kathleen Lenihan
9:18 AM

Re: Beaches & Restaurants

How was the gnat situation? They drove us off the beach one evening at Wingaersheek last summer. Susanne Shavelson On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Kathleen
Susanne Shavelson
9:07 AM

Re: Beaches & Restaurants

A variety of kids and I were at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester yesterday afternoon and evening and it was lovely. If you get there after 4 there is plenty
Kathleen Lenihan
9:01 AM

Re: Beaches & Restaurants

Duckworth is probably the best but you have to make a reservation several days in advance to get a table. Sam From: mailto:lexington-noreply@yahoogroups.com
Sam B.
9:00 AM

Re: Beaches & Restaurants

On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Elaine Ashton elaine.ashton@... ... reliable as ever, and I know the place is a solid NE tradition, but I fear foreign
Jay Luker
8:59 AM

Re: Thanks everyone for rain info this a.m.

... A bit of tooting my own horn... :) Anyone who needs this sort of info again can find it via www.lexmaweather.info. From the home page, click the navigation
JJ Krawczyk
8:55 AM
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