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Re: [lewiscarroll] "Charles Lutwidge" -> "Lewis Carroll"

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  • Bryan Talbot
    ... Well, I couldn t imagine a better or more knowledgeable response! Thank you! Bryan _______________________________________________
    Message 1 of 9 , May 1, 2003
      > Ludovicus is Louis/Lewis/Luìs/Luiz/Luigi/Ludwig in Modern European languages.
      > More than one name come from the common old French/German roots chlod and wich
      > (brilliant warrior). From this root, derived Clodovechus and its abbreviation
      > Clovis. Both names were very popular in medieval France.
      > Clodovechus became Ludovicus in Latin, Clovis became Aloisius.
      > In Italian, Clodovechus became Clodoveo (not common at all), Ludovicus became
      > Ludovico, Aloisius became Luigi and Alvise (in Venice).
      > In English (via French, I suppose) it's both Louis and Lewis. Lutwidge (not
      > Lutdwidge, as I wrote yesterday) may sound like a theme variation.
      > Moreover, both Carolus and Ludovicus were German derived names (Carolus from
      > karl that is man - that is Andrew!).

      Well, I couldn't imagine a better or more knowledgeable response! Thank you!


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