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Re: Karoline's article

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  • markisrael2
    ... Holding a looking glass to childhood s mysteries by Stephen Winn. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2002/08/23/DD201870.DTL
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 6 12:54 PM
      John Tufail writes:

      > Having read Karoline's article
      > (but not that of Stephen Winn)
      > I can understand why Winn's
      > description of Carroll may
      > cause some slightly wearily
      > raised eyebrows.

      "Holding a looking glass to childhood's mysteries" by Stephen Winn.

      "In the eye of the beholder - Lewis Carroll photography show raises
      difficult aesthetic questions" by Kenneth Baker.

      "Carroll not creepy" by Rev. Robert W. Cromey.

      You'll probably have to do some copying and pasting to get a URL on
      one line.
    • AnisaT@aol.com
      In a message dated 06/09/2002 20:55:21 GMT Daylight Time, MarkIsrael@aol.com ... Thank you kindly for that Mark Hmm: Shyness, one deaf ear and a lifelong
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 6 2:39 PM
        In a message dated 06/09/2002 20:55:21 GMT Daylight Time, MarkIsrael@... writes:


        Thank you kindly for that Mark


        Shyness, one deaf ear and a lifelong stammer short-circuited his ambitions as a minister. "Handsome but asymmetric," according to "Alice" scholar Martin Gardner, Dodgson never married, gave "humorless and boring" math lectures and, except for rejecting the doctrine of eternal damnation, hewed faithfully to Church of England doctrine.

        Reading this paragraph   within the con text of the whole article is a most interesting exercise  as there is no do ubt   that if some   knowledgeable sub -editor had excised this para, the article  would  have been far more  im pressive .  I possibly did   perform a slight  mis-service  th  Mt  Wynn.

        Yet it is this short paragraph  that seems to set the historical tone for the article as a whole an d I for one would challenge the veracity of   virtually   of various every claim  made in this  short summary:

               a)  Shyness.  Yet  Mr Winn subscribers to th e lionising theory of  Carroll  l ater on in the article.  Hard to  imagine a shy lioniser, a person  who beards celebrities in their homes and  seeks out princes!    Not that I subscribe to the lion ising charg e eith er.  Lionising suggests indiscrimination  and Carroll was    far from  that.    Thos Carroll chose to seek out he did so out of genuine interest and in the majority of  cases befriended them - a relationship that deman ds at least some response from the other party!

               b )    'One deaf ear and a lifetime stammer short circuited h is ambition s as a minister.' ?  Palpable nonsense.    Carroll was an effective preacher     who both sought   out preachin g opportunities at various times of his life and was also sought after as a preacher.   All the evidence is that, far fro m having 'ambition'  to become a m inister, h e risked h is career and reputation to avoid ordination for reasons that had nothing to do with his stammer.

               c) A  'humorless and boring '   lecturer?   Some found him so.  But more foun d him otherwise.  The evidence again is that Carroll was a competent    lecturer  whose style was enjoyed  and appreciated by th ose in terested i n learning what i t was that Carroll was teaching.

               d)  'Except   for rejecting  the doctrine of eternal damnation' is rather like saying of  Newman  that except  for  his becoming a Roman Catholic  he remained   a staunch Anglican all his life.    And, of course, the list has discussed the many other areas of doctrine and  Church politics where Carroll  challenged and refuted the established  line - from original sin   to the relativity of sin.

        But apart from  this, it's not too bad an article at all.

        John Tufail                  

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