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Re: [lewiscarroll] Alice or Not?

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  • DOYLE60@aol.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16, 2000
      << The fact that LCD's drawing of Alice Underground was
      so profoundly unlike Alice Liddell is supportive of your theory that
      Alice was not as central to CLD's life as we have so long assumed. >>

      But was he capable of portraying the real Alice? His pasting of a photo over
      the illustration of his drawing at the end of the book could speak of his
      artistic desire and lack of skill.
      I agree with all Karoline wrote but no doubt Alice Liddell, her sisters, the
      boat trips and other events influenced the plot of the two books. He
      probably didn't think too much when he used her name. Perhaps he could have
      chosen another. Maybe her personality was such that Carroll knew she would
      be amused and react in a certain way to its use opposed to the other girls'
      reactions. When he told the stories, I'm sure everyone in the boat, even
      Carroll visualized Alice -- how could he not? But when it came to write it
      down the first time, he probably started to lose that Alice and probably
      thought more creatively. When he revised the story for publication, he
      really kicked up his creative heels and probably lost the Alice Liddell image
      even more. He also even thought more commercially -- giving a picture of
      another girl for Tenniel, etc.

      So I agree with Karoline but I think it unwise to throw her totally to the
      wind. There ain't no way he told that story in the boat without visualizing
      that girl staring in his face.

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