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Re: [lewiscarroll] Digest Number 488

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  • Keith
    Jenny, the exact quote from green s page 517-518 May 28. (Tu). Isa Bowman came to see me. She is principal lady in Miss Cissy Graham s company, who have
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2000
      the exact quote from green's page 517-518
      May 28. (Tu).  Isa Bowman came to see me.  She is 'principal lady' in Miss Cissy Graham's company, who have come to Oxford with {the musical comedy} All Abroad.  {Isa had also come to tell Dodgson of her engagement, and she recalls that for a moment he seemed quite upset, and showed his annoyance by snatching a little bouquet of roses from her belt and flinging them out of the window, exclaiming; 'You know I can't stand flowers.'  But by next day he was quite reconciled to the loss of one of his favourite child-friends.]
      I presume you have or know about Isa's book 'Lewis Carroll' by Isa Bowman re-issued in 1972 with an introduction by Cohen as 'Lewis Carroll As I knew Him.'  Green, of course, fell for the story and apparently never checked his facts - Isa was never a child friend, she was in her teens before she even met CLD.  Another whitewash job!
      Subject: Re: [lewiscarroll] Digest Number 488

      > I have ordered Green's diaries but they haven't yet arrived from
      > America.  So I can't check that quote
      - if you have the book, can
      > you give us the exact quote from it,
      > It doesn't seem massively likely on the face of it that
      > would make it up - or that Dodgson would do it
      actually   -but
      > the exact quote would certainly help in
      putting it into context.
      >  Did Isa  write anything
      else about Lewis Carroll - any articles
      > or private letters??
      >  Jenny
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