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Re: [lewiscarroll] Oooops here the last part of Bryan's message

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    While producing Oxford Storypods audiobook Alice in Wonderland & Nonsense Verse and Prose I looked up a lot of websites and blogs about Lewis Carroll. I came
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2007
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       While producing Oxford Storypods' audiobook Alice in Wonderland & Nonsense Verse and Prose I looked up a lot of websites and blogs about Lewis Carroll. I came across Michael Bute's research into Carroll's links with Sunderland which led on to the discovery of Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland. Having sons who do illustration and comic-type art, I am fascinated by the concept, Bryan's take on it and his artwork so am looking forward to getting this amazing book for Christmas and, hopefully, it can be signed by Bryan, one day. So Bryan, if you could let me know if you are going to be anywhere near Oxford to do a signing in the near future, I would appreciate it. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas everyone.
      Liz Y.
      annoxford wrote:

      Sorry, Bryan, I goofed.

      Hi Folks,

      Please excuse the impersonal nature of this mail-out. This is just to let
      you know that I'll be doing two local signings this month. This is your last
      chance to buy the ideal Xmas present (for all your friends and family!) -
      and get it dedicated, signed and with a free ink sketch:

      Saturday 15th December 11.00 - 2.00pm, Waterstones ,31 The Bridges,,
      Sunderland , SR1 3LB, Tel: 01915674331, Signing with cover artist Jordan

      Saturday 22 December 1.00 - 3.00pm, Travelling Man, 43 Grainger Street,
      Newcastle, NE1 5JE, Tel:0191 2614993. Signing with cover artist Jordan Smith
      Free mince pies and mulled wine!

      Even if you don't want a copy, you can always turn up to provide glamour and
      moral support and perhaps come for a drink afterwards.

      If you can't make it but would still like copies dedicated, signed and
      sketched-in, they can be pre-ordered through the phone numbers above.

      The recent news on the book is that it's now in it's 3rd printing and sales
      have passed 10,000. Last month the first foreign edition was published in
      Italy, with 3 more countries publishing it in 2008.

      "Alice tourism" has been happening with people as far away as America
      visiting the city for a couple of days to see the Alice sites. I've even
      been made an official ambassador for Sunderland by the City council!

      I have a new book out - "The Art of Bryan Talbot", collecting together many
      of the book and magazine covers and illustrations I've done over 30 years.
      With any luck the stores will also have copies of that and my prose book
      "The Naked Artist".



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