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re: [lewiscarroll] Re: Carroll and racism

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  • bowerbird@aol.com
    ... right, and that s essentially what i was saying in my first response. it doesn t _condone_ the insensitivity, just places it in historical context. let
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 30, 2007
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      jenny said:
      >   I am quite sure it did not even occur to people in Britain
      >   that it was a word one should not use, whatever the
      >   situation that existed in faraway America

      right, and that's essentially what i was saying
      in my first response.  it doesn't _condone_ the
      insensitivity, just places it in historical context.

      let us also remember -- being generous to blackmonk
      about the point s/he was probably trying to make --
      that the way the powerful _instill_ their mechanisms to
      incite the masses to turn against each other is _precisely_
      to make the mechanism (e.g., racism, religion, or whatever)
      seem totally "natural", so that people _don't_ think about it.

      today's elite uses _consumerism_ to instill _greed_ in us,
      so that we don't think about the way that that selfishness
      causes us to see the world as a _zero-sum_game_ where
      our greed gets pitted against the greed of other people...
      and yet, how often do we question this brain-washing?

      >   after the 1860s.

      before and after, but that's beside your point.

      >   It is really, really stupid to blame anyone in that period
      >   for using a word that to them would simply have meant
      >   "black person".

      150 years from now (if human beings aren't extinct, anyway),
      people will consider us to have been _tremendously_insensitive_
      in the way we treated animals and the way we abused the planet.

      "bowerbird drove a car," they will say, "obviously caring not a whit
      that he was _burning_oil_, wasting the precious commodity which
      -- had it not been wasted on the frivolous purpose of transportation --
      would still be available in abundance to provide us the medicine that
      would save us from the one remaining disease that ravages us now.

      "and not only that, but he _ate_ animals!  how barbaric can you be?"

      i'll be lucky i'm dead, because otherwise they would kill me...       :+)

      anyway, this is my last post on this topic.  it's gone on far too long.


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