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Re: [lewiscarroll] Accusations against teachers

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  • Lyon
    I have always thought of Alice - and indeed children per se - were, to Carroll, Muses. It is interesting that, in the opening chapter of TTLG, the black kitten
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      I have always thought of Alice - and indeed children per se - were, to Carroll, Muses. It is interesting that, in the opening chapter of TTLG, the black kitten is playing with a skein of thread. The scene is very similar to that of Theseus meeting Ariadne, and being given a skein of thread to help him find his way out again.

      Here, too, that puzzle of the house of Minos,

      The maze none could untangle, until touched

      By a great love shown by a royal girl,

      He, Daedalus himself, unravelled all

      The baffling turns and dead ends in the dark,

      Guiding the blind way back by a skein unwound. . .

      [Book VI, Lines 41 – 45]

      Remember Corinthians, also, that Carroll quoted in his 'breastbeating years"? "When I was a child, I thought as a child, then I grew to manhood and I put away childish things. Now I see through a glass darkly. . . ."
      Now isn't that a good description of the Looking-Glass?
      Pedophilia? I don't think so. 
      Kate L
      BTW - if anyone is interested, I have just completed a series of books called "The Hero's Journey" based on Joseph Campbell's monomyth of the HJ.  They are mainly for kids - or at least that is why I wrote them originally - but it offers an insight into the way we can use myth as a 'guide to life.'  There's a bit about them on www.ababooks.co.nz
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      Subject: [lewiscarroll] Accusations against teachers

      --- In lewiscarroll@ yahoogroups. com, "Keith" <keith@...> wrote:
      > Having had a friend die from the results of being wrongfully
      accused I am not of a mind to agree with you that these people
      are 'just products of their time' as unimaginable hurt is caused by
      the accusers and their supporters. On the day my friend died the
      accuser withdrew the allegation and admitted it was a lie. Nothing
      whatsover was done to him.

      I agree with you Keith about this - I know a dedicated teacher in the
      US who was really enthusiastic about his work and did all kinds of
      intersting lessons with the kids, then was accused of assaulting a
      child, not sexually just pushing him and hurting him. The kid had
      been really difficult and had already made accusations about other
      teachers. The teacher did not suffer any legal comeback but life was
      made so difficult for him and he was so upset by all the
      investigations, that he gave up teaching. As far as I know the kid
      was just allowed to continue on his merry way.

      But in general these kids are in a minority. Most of these false
      accusations are probaly ignorance. Let's face it when you are 14 or
      something you are really not very smart about the ways of the world
      and I actually don't think kids of that age have the slightest idea
      of the effect of such accusations on someone they maybe don't much
      like. These young idiots need to know that they will get very very
      severely punished within the school - or perhaps excluded and forced
      to work at home for 6 months and not meet any of their friends, if
      they make this kind of accusation without foundation.

      But I certainly don't think they should be sent to Borstal or
      labelled as criminals. That would make decent children who really are
      bullied by teachers afraid to come forward . I went to lots of
      schools and I remember one or two teachers who were really vile - did
      not sexually abuse but were otherwise hateful. One of these teachers
      was an evil man abusing his position of trust - another was actually
      mentally ill and needed help - and it is very, very difficult for
      children to get enough of a grasp of the situation to confront them
      or accuse them of anything if there is no mechanism for them to do
      so. One in particular actually ruined a friend of mine's youth with
      his evil behaviour, and we were totally helpless. If I had had the
      means to make a complaint about him I would have done. And I think it
      did both me and my friend a lot of harm to have to put up with him.

      So there are two sides to the story but I do totally agree with you
      that matters are absolutely insane at present. I sometimes wonder how
      anyone can deal with being a teacher at all with all the rubbish they
      have to put up with.

      Not that this has much to do with Carroll, come to think of it.


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