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  • doyle6060
    Mar 3, 2008
      In 1977, during the Wasp Symposium, published as a special edition of
      *Jabberwocky*, Selwyn Goodacre brought up the issue of the spelling
      of the word "gray." He thought it curious because the "a"
      spelling "did not come in until about 1889, and even then was not
      used in the 1897 *Alice* texts."

      I answered, or corrected, this criticism by pointing out the "a"
      spellings of "gray" in Dickens', Ruskin's, and John Phillips' works
      publihsed in 1869 and 1870. Oh, how useful that electronic OED! But
      if that didn't suit anyone, I pointed out the "a" spellings in
      Carroll's own *Phantasmagoria* (1869)---in three poems. And if that
      didn't satysfy someone because it is a printed work, look at the
      spelling of "gray" in the handprinted "Father William" poem in
      Alice's Adventures under Ground (1863). Oh, how useful Lenny's
      Website! 'Nuf said.

      So we agree.

      Now, anyone, how would you respond to that other critique I listed?

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