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  • Michael Everson
    Mar 1, 2008
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      At 14:01 +0000 2008-03-01, mikeindex2001 wrote:

      >Maybe it will pass with flying colours, and we'll all have to
      >concede Dodgson was possibly capable of crimes against literature
      >that defy belief,

      I've been a reader for 40 years, and I have some literary taste, and
      I do not believe that your characterization of this charming and
      Carrollian episode is particularly bad. "Crime against literature"
      is, I think, fairly annoying hyperbole.

      >or just maybe it'll turn out to have been printed circa 1970 on
      >modern paper with modern ink, and you ( and a few others) will
      >end up wishing you'd been more circumspect in your endorsement.

      For my part in this I tend to agree with Matt. (I'd like to read his
      article; where is it available?) I don't see enough cause to doubt
      the authenticity. The doubts you raise seem minor and as Matt says
      could be applied to many documents and artefacts. I've read Gardner's
      introduction and essay in the 1977 edition of the episode. Those also
      do not cast doubt on the authenticity of the work.
      Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com
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