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Re: [LbNA] Into Florida

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  • Donna Magner
    Don t sell yourself short. There probably aren t as many people who have boxed in multiple states as you think... let alone 8 states...Thanks for the update!
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2006
      Don't sell yourself short. There probably aren't as many people who have boxed in multiple states as you think... let alone 8 states...Thanks for the update! I'm going to Florida in a few weeks and hope to get a box or 2, but visiting friends who are not letterboxers - so we'll see.

      Thanks and Enjoy!

      cpascott <seh-letterbox@...> wrote:
      Was in Florida this past weekend, but no real time for letterboxing.
      I did, of course, bring my 'boxing backpack with me (as I tend to do
      now on all trips -- a sure sign of addiction, don't you think?), and
      picked up two boxes plus a hitchhiker in Lake Worth. Unfortunate that
      there was no time to hunt any other boxes.

      However, that marks the 8th state I've found boxes in, and covers
      three of the four corners of the country now (New England, Southern
      California, and now Florida). For some, the 8th state was eons ago,
      but for me it's great to be able to hunt and find 'boxes in places
      other than my own backyard (although I greatly appreciate that my
      backyard -- New England -- has thousands of boxes with no chance of me
      running out of boxes to hunt).

      Funny as it may be, the hitchhiker I found, The Dawnlander's Hurryin'
      Hoosier, originated from the Northeast. I had a similar experience in
      California, where all four hitchhikers I found there were also from
      the Northeast (this time from NY). How is it when I travel a 1000
      miles or more from my area of the country, the hitchers I find are
      from here? LOL. Oh well, they are coming home now!

      I won't have any chance to do any 'boxing before the next gathering on
      Feb. 4, so for those heading to that one, I'll see ya there!


      Gsi outdoors Outdoors The great outdoors


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