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Re: wanted: vandercook goodies

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    In a message dated 5/31/99 8:48:29 PM, iiii@SIRIUS.COM writes:
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      In a message dated 5/31/99 8:48:29 PM, iiii@... writes:

      <<I am getting my Vandercook #4 in ship-shape and still need a couple
      miscellaneous items:

      - A roller height guage (for .918" setting)

      - A lockup bar (not the "handy" ones that slip, I have two of those)- the
      stationary bar that slides into the circular grooves on the sides of the

      If anyone has these items for sale, please let me know.

      -philip krayna>>


      Before buy a guage find out if your Vandercook 4 is a galley press or a proof
      press. Does it have a metal plate that is loose on the bed? If so it's a
      galley press. Check the serial number (on the right corner top on the track)
      and call Fritz at NA Graphics. He has the vandercook records and will give
      you the history of your press.

      I have one and it's a great press.

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