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31Re: Sheet Feeders

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  • Richard S. Broughton
    May 1, 1998
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      >works there. In the meantime I have my eye on a Kluge Automatic and
      >a Origional Heidelberg not to far away. My needs for a automatic
      >press are simple, I do a lot of printing for non-profit
      >environmental groups (usually for free) and am tired of hand pulling
      >several thousand letterhead and envelopes every couple months but
      >would like to continue my services. Anyone want to help save a

      As echoed several times, the Heidelberg windmill is a great workhorse. They
      are especially handy if you do a lot of envelopes. There is a way of setting
      the windmill cam so that the gripper bar does not open to let the envelope
      drop to the guides (i.e, the gripper bar holds the envelope right through
      the impression cycle). One uses this setting in combination with a divider
      bar on the feed table that lets one put two stacks of envelopes on it.
      Assuming you have set up two forms and you are not doing close register
      work, you can print two envelopes on each impression. With good quality
      stock and correctly adjusted blowers and suckers, you can really open up the
      press and crank out envelopes. I used to run 20 or 30M without thinking it
      was a big job.

      Richard Broughton
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