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  • David A. Lord
    Jul 10 3:12 PM
      Thanks Stephen, Phillip and Roland,
      I do have a specimen showing in one of my books ("The Type Specimen
      Book" by V & M TYpographical) but no information save for the name. The
      cases are marked:
      Libra Light 14 pt;
      Libra Light Large 18pt
      Libra Light Small 30 pt.
      The specimen book showed the Large and Small Faces on the same body
      size but did not mention a Light and ? weight. Was the other weight(s)
      medium and/or heavy? Also they did not mention a 14 point size skipping
      from 12 to 18 pt in its listing. No listing for the face in "The Omnibus of
      Type Faces" 1939 so it must have been brought in later.
      A nice face, would be suitable for wedding invitations or similiar.
      Thanks again,
      David Lord
      Scow Bay Press
      >From: "Stephen O. Saxe" <sos@...>
      >To: LETPRESS@...
      >Subject: Re: SF Letterpress Mailing List
      >Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2001, 2:09 AM

      >Libra was designed by S.H. De Roos for the Amsterdam Typefoundry in 1938.
      >"...closely follows the pattern of uncial scripts combining the liveliness of
      >the lower case with the emphasis of a capital line. There are two weights" -
      >from Encyclopaedia of Typefaces