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1219Re: Multigraph type & other historic stuff

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  • Harmon Seaver
    Sep 1, 1998
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      edinman wrote:

      > BTW, I know somebody that has an old Varityper who would probably unload it
      > pretty cheap for anybody who wants to collect almost totally
      > useless if rather unique and interesting old equipment. They were
      > electrified wind-up typewriters with "printer's faces" that you could justify
      > into columns if you typed everything twice. Entire offset books were
      > created with those things years ago to resemble "real" type.

      Gee, I just sent a Varityper to the dump, along with a --- hmm, the
      name escapes me -- one of those boxes with toothed plastic wheels for
      composing for offset. Didn't think anyone would be even slightly
      interested in them, and since I'm moving again, and had moved them twice
      already --. Actually, they aren't in the landfill, they're sitting in
      the back of a '81 VW Vanagon that I had the junkyard haul away, so I
      suppose if someone had a major lust for them the junkyard would probably
      sell them cheap.

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