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power consumption of benchmark applications

Hi all, does anyone know how to calculate power consumption of running benchmark applications on Leon3. Actually we are working on a research project and we
May 21

Re: GPIO LED's are not working

hello I konw it was an old massage,but I also hope I can received reply. I met same question about led, I want my led can flicker.this is my c-code
May 20

erc32 eCos compiler

Hello I'm beginner developer about Sparc board. I want to compile erc32/eCos on LEON4, but I can't find this compiler. In sparc-elf-gcc there's no compile
May 19

Re: Trouble with GRMON and Virtex-6

OK. So we both experience the same LEDs behavior. 1. Could you please specify the jumpers (J66-J68) arrangment? 2. Do you submit any flags/parameters other
May 18

Re: LEON3/FPGA on space

Hi, For the LEON3FT there are plenty, but references where the LEON3 is actually mentioned are more difficult to find. A few presentations turn up if you
Jan Andersson
May 18

Re: LEON3/FPGA on space

Paulo, The FIELDS instrument suite on the MMS (Magnetospheric MultiScale http://mms.gsfc.nasa.gov) mission has 2 LEON3FT processors both implemented in ACTEL
Needell, Jerry
May 18

LEON3/FPGA on space

Hi all, Are there LEON(2/3/4) as soft-core on FPGA in use on any space application (or planned to)? I'm looking for references for my research and I could not
Paulo Villa
May 18

Re: Passing Data between LEON3 and Host FPGA

Hi Raman, For megabytes/seconds bandwidth, it start to be time consuming for the CPU to read an APB register, you will waste a lot of CPU cycles, each APB read
alexis jeandet
May 18

Re: Passing Data between LEON3 and Host FPGA

Hi Alexis, Thank you for the detailed response! I anticipate having to transfer a few hundred kilobytes to at most a couple megabytes per second between the
May 18

Re: Passing Data between LEON3 and Host FPGA

Hi, It really depend on what you want to do exactly, you should consider the leon as a System On Chip. Then depending on which kind of data you want to pass
alexis jeandet
May 17

Re: Trouble with GRMON and Virtex-6

Hi, the resume of my configuration is: work on Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit, GRMON v2.0.63, installed on VirtualBox on host Windows 7 64 bit. IPv4 address on windows 7
May 17
May 16

Re: How to printf "helloworld" output in terminal emulator of my co

hello thank you for your help,I have solved zhe problem because of your information.
May 15

Passing Data between LEON3 and Host FPGA

Hello, Apologies if this topic has previously been addressed. I couldn't find any discussion. I am looking to pass data between the host FPGA and the LEON3
May 14

Passing command line argument to a testbench on leon3

Hii, I am trying to run a testbench compress.c on leon3. It uses a command line argument "compress.txt". "compress.txt" is a file which stores the input to the
Neetu Jindal
May 14
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