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Re: Regarding desgning peripheral libraries

Hello, are you developing a peripheral that will be connected to one of the AMBA bus (i.e. AHB or APB)? Regards, Giacomo
Jul 31

Re: ZC702 grmon connection problem

I solved this problem. I think that grmon does not support USB-JTAG well. (maybe my environment is not good.) I used parallel JTAB cable + UART cable
Jul 24

ZC702 grmon connection problem

Hello, I'm Taekyung Heo. I have a problem with establishing a connection to Leon3. If there is anyone who has a solution, please help me. Problem I can't
Jul 24
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Re: Cant access uart data registers directly?

Hello sir, Thank you for your assistance, I had assigned the values in scalar and control register on the mapped addresses but the problem is with uart data
Jul 16

Re: Cant access uart data registers directly?

Hello, Why don't you use the address map of UART to access (read/write) UART registers. For instance If UART is mapped at 0x80000100 (default) in the
Jul 15

Re: GRMON2 compatibility with GR-PCI-XC5V board

Dear Jan, Thank you very much for your quick response, my comments are ... ​Yes, the bitstream loaded in fpga is the same, in fact is ​the version
Jul 15

Re: GRMON2 compatibility with GR-PCI-XC5V board

Hello, On 7/14/15/w29 17:38, 'pedro.palomo' pedro.palomo@... ... Was this used with the same design that is now in the FPGA? ... Is there any
Jan Andersson
Jul 14

GRMON2 compatibility with GR-PCI-XC5V board

​Hello everybody, i am trying to connect a board GR-PCI-XC5V with grmon2 (eval version) downloaded from the aeroflex site. In the past I used the old version
Jul 14

Re: Supervisor mode while running linux

Thanks Khalid. Your solution works for me to use privileged instructions.
Jul 12

Re: passing key strokes via grmon to snapgear

... Connect grmon using the altera cable and download your kernel as usual. Connect a serial cable to your computer and start a terminal emulator. When you
Jiri Gaisler
Jul 12

Re: passing key strokes via grmon to snapgear

Hi Jiri, I've tried serial and it is also problematic and too slow. Is there a way to realise keystroke passing while still using Altera jtag usb-blaster?
Yujia Sun
Jul 11

Re: passing key strokes via grmon to snapgear

Hi Jiri, Thank you for your reply. It seems to be a fast solution. However, do you mind elaborating on how exactly I can connect grmon via serial port?
Yujia Sun
Jul 11

Re: passing key strokes via grmon to snapgear

You could connect a terminal emulator to the serial port, and start grmon without -u . Then the console should work as normal. Jiri.
Jiri Gaisler
Jul 11

passing key strokes via grmon to snapgear

Hi all, I loaded a snapgear os into leon3 4-core processor onto a altera cycloneiv-based terasic de2-115 board. Cross-compiled programs run well on leon3
Jul 11

Re: Error while running gtl-vsim-launch

Hi Jan, running a "make distclean" fixed the problem. Thanks for your help. But now I am getting an error message when compiling the testbench.vhd: vcom -quiet
Jul 10
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