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Re: Error while running gtl-vsim-launch

Hello, Have you performed "make install-unisim" as described in the installation instructions in doc/grlib.pdf? Best regards, Jan On 7/6/15/w28 19:08, Patrick
Jan Andersson
12:17 AM

Error while running gtl-vsim-launch

Hi, I am trying to simulate a synthesized netlist of the leon3 asic design using ModelSim. As described in the Makefile, I executed the command make
Patrick Schmale
10:11 AM

Cant access uart data registers directly?

hi!I have tried to write a simple application for accessing uart referring to the bcc src codes available and run it on TSIM, it had executed without any
Sameer Huddar
Jul 5

Re: IU in error mode [1 Attachment]

Start grmon with -nb to avoid breaking on FPU traps. The GRFPU test code might generate FPU exception traps during the test. Jiri.
Jiri Gaisler
Jul 2

Regarding desgning peripheral libraries

hi I am trying get to design peripheral library referring to GRIP document for sparcv8 leon3 core processor. The tool chain being used is sparc-elf-gcc
Sameer Huddar
Jul 2

IU in error mode

Hello, I am getting the following error while running standalone.exe IU in error mode. (tt= 0x08, fp exception) Snapshot of the error is attached.
Jul 2
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read data from uart

hello, how to read incoming data coming to kintex 705 UART in leon3. Regards Krunal
Jul 1

Re: Booting linux on Leon3 under QEMU

... I see. The reason why it wasn't booting for me is that I was loading the kernel's zImage and not the .dsu, naively thinking that at least some boot
Emilio G. Cota
Jun 29

Re: How to configure 16 cores

... You can add second AHB bus to add more leon3 cores, but then you will loose cache coherency and the possibility to run SMP efficiently .... Jiri.
Jiri Gaisler
Jun 29

TMR on Leon

Hello, I currently have a Leon3 working with 4 CPUs on an Artix-7 board. I would like to know if there is a way to modify the architecture so that I can have
Jun 29

How to configure 16 cores

Hi Jiri, Thank you for your fast reply. Is it possible to create a second AHB Bus with another 4 cores? The reason why I want to use more than 4 cores is, that
Patrick Schmale
Jun 29

Re: Booting linux on Leon3 under QEMU

You need to have the leon3 patches that were sent to the qemu list some time ago. After that, some kernels boot. I have not checked the most recent ones
Jiri Gaisler
Jun 28

Re: How to configure 16 cores

The total number of AHB masters is 16. Each leon3 core needs on interface, and then you might need a few for other cores such as the debug interface or
Jiri Gaisler
Jun 28

How to configure 16 cores

Hi all, I am using the Leon3 ASIC design and want to synthesize a multicore system with 16 cores using Synopsis design compiler.Until now I was just able to
Patrick Schmale
Jun 27

Booting linux on Leon3 under QEMU

Hi all, Has anyone had success in booting linux on Linux using the Leon3 CPU model? I've tried several images: a few from from buildroot (both current and the
Emilio G. Cota
Jun 26
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