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ML605 design without DDR3 controller

Hello, I have succeeded in getting a Leon running on the Xilinx ML605 development board and talking to it with GRMON. I would now like to make a design that
Apr 23

Create a New Template Design for a Xilinx Spartan3 using a custom bo

Dear Sirs Actually I'm implementing a Leon3 Soft Core on a Xilinx XC3S500E fpga using a custom board ( university ) I'd like to ask how can I customize a
Apr 23

Re: sgmii board missing pin for vc707

Thanks for letting us know! Fixed internally and will be part of next update. Best regards, Jan
Jan Andersson
Apr 22

Leon3 taking too long to write to the NOR FLASH

Hi, I have trouble loading a file into NOR FLASH(SPANSION 32 MB) using Leon3 core with GRMON tools. Leon3 freq is set to 50MHz. Its taking over multiple hours
Apr 22

Connect an IP Core to UART LEON3

Dear all, I have a SEM IP (Soft Error core with ChipScope modules) core which I'd like to communicate with it through UART on my Virtex ML605 board. How can I
Apr 22

Running linux on Leon3 with SMP enabled

Hello, I am trying to run linux 3.1 on leon3 with SMP enabled, though linux is running fine with SMP enabled but i need to discuss few points 1. How can I
Apr 22

sgmii board missing pin for vc707

I just noticed there is a missing pin in the constraint file for the xilinx VC707 board.
Apr 21

Re: Trouble with GRMON and Virtex-6

Dear elpenmaster, I am working successfully with ML605 Development Board. I use Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit. Xilinx drivers works good, because I have searched a
Apr 21

hotplug CPU using Leon3

Hello, Does LEON3 architecture supports CPU hotplug operation with Linux kernel 3.1 as I could not find a way to do it i.e echo 0 >
Apr 21

Re: Trouble with GRMON and Virtex-6

Hi, You need to provide more information. How do you start GRMON? What kind of cable are you using? Have you read the manual? Arvid Björkengren Software
Arvid Björkengren
Apr 21

Re: Trouble with GRMON and Virtex-6

hi, I am confronting a similar pithole with my ML605. I've burned your latest bitmap using Windows 7 machine, and I fail to communicate with the board: "No
Apr 21

Re: GRMON 2.0 and JTAG on xcv2000t

I downloaded the latest release of GRMON 2 eval, but the bug is still there, even though the change notes included say it was fixed. Thank you. Kind regards
Apr 20

Re: GRMON 2.0 and JTAG on xcv2000t

... You need GRMON 2 Pro to use custom jtag configuration files. The X7CV200T device is supported by grmon-eval, but it contains a bug where this device might
Apr 20

Re: testbench results using ISim

Thanks! This worked perfectly. -annie ... From: "alhawaj alhawaj@... [LEON_SPARC]" To: "LEON SPARC"
Annie Edmundson
Apr 20

Re: testbench results using ISim

Try this inside ISim: run all This command will start simulating the testbench until it hits a breakpoint. The breakpoint will be either that the testbench is
Apr 20
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