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413Re: [lemierres_syndrome] Fw: Please help save a life

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  • It's me
    Aug 13, 2008
      Hi, Iam glad to see somebody is speaking out about lemierris. My Nephew is a living proof
      that it exist he had it 4 years ago  and nobody knew what it was. We live in a small town,Ridgecrest Ca ,I thank god 1 doctor was smart enough to fly him to san diego Children's Hospital even though it still took them over a week to figure out what it was, I thought for sure he was going to die it had ate the bones in his wrist some of his hip he now has a metal plate in it and he has a whole in his chest from where they had to take his clavitkilke? bone out it looks bad but he survied. He had gotten his tongue pierced and it  rub a hole in the top of his mouth and then took over we thought he had mono . I make sure every hospital we go to is aware of this .He was the was the first case of it they'd ever seen. This was 4 years ago he's ok  now but handicapped . I just thank god he's alive and I feel for every family who has to go though this. I'll send out your email I believe people should be more informed of it. Thank you With heart felt love Susan Petersen

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      From: Mrs. Valencia <sunflwz2@...>
      Subject: [lemierres_syndrome] Fw: Please help save a life
      To: cummings1095@..., mxboyle@..., sheriniguez@..., lesliekyle@..., cjjazzcat@..., lemierres_syndrome@yahoogroups.com, angelnpink@...
      Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 12:47 PM

      Check out our website and pass it along to everyone you know.
      Knowledge is power!
      We love you little brother!

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      From: Mrs. Valencia <sunflwz2@yahoo. com>
      Subject: Please help save a life
      To: "Adrian" <adrianshrop@ netzero.com>, "Allison" <allisonsheelor@ yahoo.com>, "Becky Travis" <beckywithwwd@ yahoo.com>, "Bobby Rodgers" <bobrodgers123@ hotmail.com>, "chrissy rodgers" <chrissyrod86@ hotmail.com>, elizabethmonks@ yahoo.com, "Gaby Miller" <Miller_Gabriella@ yahoo.com>, "Grandma Henry" <granny6henry@ aol.com>, grief_support@ yahoogroups. com, "Helen Rodgers" <hmrodgers@hotmail. com>, "Jamie St. John" <jrb581@...>, "Jamie Rodgers" <jrodgers@hustler- conveyor. com>, "Jammie" <jammie.henderson@ yahoo.com>, "Janine" <oxencis@sbcglobal. net>, "Jeffrey Engle" <jenglemusic@ sbcglobal. net>, "Jessica Warden" <smithjl5@yahoo. com>, "Jessica Carroll" <jessica.carroll78@ yahoo.com>, "Joe Rodgers" <jrodgers321@ att.net>, "Karen Walker" <karen.l.walker@ insightbb. com>, "Karen Desmond" <kearyn1@yahoo. com>, "Katie" <straubel@simla. colostate. edu>, "Kimmy Levin" <coloradogirl2233@ oursnowbeach. com>, "Laura" <lleon1981@yahoo. com>, "Leslie" <leslie.henigman@ wwt.com>, "Lisa" <lisa_schroeder@ unigroupinc. com>, margartiamomma00@ aol.com, "Marty" <mhenigman@charter. net>, "Michelle" <michelle.malstrom@ gbe.com>, "Mike Sheelor" <mike.sheelor@ penske.com>, "Nancy Burns" <nancy.burns@ protective. com>, "Nancy Monsees" <picpink2000@ aol.com>, "Nikki Campbell" <nikkicampbell@ earthlink. net>, "NY Mag" <Lisa.Sanders@ yale.edu>, rcentor@gmail. com, "Ricki" <ricnrob@urassociati on.com>, "Sarah Williams" <Jadacw@hotmail. com>, "Sharon Hill" <LIZZI54@aol. com>, "Sheryl Rodgers" <shylrod@aol. com>, "Terri Hill" <baptistfam@carolina .rr.com>
      Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 1:53 PM

      Hi there!  One of my family members created this flyer to pass around to everyone we know.  Please open it up, print it and pass it around to everyone you know.  Also forward this email onto everyone in your address book.  I promise we can save lives!  I have had 25 cases of lemierres emailed to me in the last 3 months and I now know of 4 teenagers that did not survive.   All of the ones who have survived have some sort of breathing problem now or other major problems.  This disease attacks young healthy adolescence ages 13 - 24.  It literally attacks their organs and shuts them down.  I had a Dr call me the other day about a case and I really feel like the knowledge Justin's website is provided him has saved his patients life!  Please pass this on this is not a chain letter this is not a joke.  I will be printing this flyer out and putting it in my children's school and placing it everywhere I can Dr's offices, teacher's lounges, dentist offices everywhere!  We will soon be doing News interviews and who knows we may end up on Oprah! ;0)
      All I'm asking is you click on forward and add everyone in your address book then click on send!  It will maybe take a total of 5 min..  If you don't wanna do it for the lives you could save do it for my little brother who's life was cut way too short at the age of 17!  This disease took him away from my mom, dad, my sister, my brother myself and my 3 kids. 
      Thank you!

      Check out our website and pass it along to everyone you know.
      Knowledge is power!
      We love you little brother!

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