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Fwd: [Clash of Iron] My first go at Senatorial Calceus. Red for...

... Subject: [Clash of Iron] My first go at Senatorial Calceus. Red for... Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 16:10:10 -0700 From: Rufus Centurio Classiarius
Mario Padilla
Mar 24

Re: How Hard Is It?

There's also this, recipes and food links in the sidebar http://www.romanobritain.org/index.htm#.VQw-CkYo7K0
David Wills
Mar 20

How Hard Is It?

Salvete, On hardtack? Pass the Garum http://www.passthegarum.co.uk/#!Bucellatum-Roman-Army-Biscuits/cu6k/55082cb50cf2458597d79dea
Mar 20

Tenth Muse-ic

Salvete, On the Tenth Muse: How Gay Was Sappho? http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/03/16/girl-interrupted
Mar 13

Re: Ft Mac 2015

Medicus.. We're sorting it tomorrow...going to the shop. On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 12:30 PM, John Watkins voodoo_med@... ... -- Lorie Ann "L.A." Hambly
Mar 12

Re: Ft Mac 2015

Salve Decimus! What gladiator impression are you coming as? I'm getting a murmillo together hopefully in time for Ft Mac Medicus Sent from my iPhone
John Watkins
Mar 12

Re: Ft Mac 2015

Hello all! I am planning to participate in Ft. Mac this year. I do not have my roman armor anymore; however, I may go as a gladiator, if you don't mind. I
Jonathan DeSalvo
Mar 10


Salvete, amici, Hope all do well, and that everything you attempt is successful. God's best blessings on you and yours. Having retired from reenacting last
Mar 10

Re: [legiovimembers] Ft Mac 2015

Centurio and I will be there for setup, tear-down and everything in-between. I am NOT bringing any merchant setup; I will be focusing on "set-dressing" the
Feb 17

Re: Ft Mac 2015

I'm good for 10-12. Yes, it would be great to build the bread oven, forge, ballista, onager-- the works! Dave Sent from my iPhone
David Michaels
Feb 17

Re: Ft Mac 2015

Thanks for the heads up, Brandon. I'll be there for 10-12. Maybe we could get the brick oven built/running this year?
Matt Bowes
Feb 17

Re: Ft Mac 2015

Dates are July 10-12. With the 10th being set up, and actual event being the 11-12. To: legiovi@yahoogroups.com From: legiovi@yahoogroups.com Date: Tue, 17 Feb
Brandon Barnes
Feb 17

Re: Ft Mac 2015

What are the dates this year? Set up starts on Thursday night or Friday ? I'll put in for it off now. Medicus Sent from my iPhone ... What are the dates this
John Watkins
Feb 17

Ft Mac 2015

Salvete Amici, I know it a bit early in the year to start talking about Ft Mac, but I want to get an early start on getting our planning done and everyone
Brandon Barnes
Feb 17

2/7/15 Fabrica

Are we having a Fabrica this Saturday, 2/7/15?
Feb 2
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