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  • emeracy2012
    emeracy - to emerge, an emergence and emerging Do they exist? Strange. Always fading out of the past. They wear a face of empty a palpating excluding network
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2003
      emeracy - to emerge, an emergence and emerging

      Do they exist? Strange. Always fading out of the past. They wear a
      face of empty a palpating excluding network unixisting in hide ness.
      An agent as sly as a solo. Blaintantly lurking to a watchful eye. A
      target, a hit? No miss. Scraping to find one. Do you believe? A
      wanting to ask. Plan theory. Time turning in a cycle and jumps the
      human brain (Sub Active Echoes S.A.E) individual human activities,
      viewed by another unique mass, watching ones situation, to the all
      Seeing Eye. Dreams life by another person's soul, other souls
      rendered to test. Time changing. Unique Universe (U.U) disrupted the
      end cycle, this perceived reality pickled mentally and physically.
      Ideas appear downloaded. A need to follow exists.Time is turning on
      its resolution, although time runs forward and backwards at the same
      time its still lived by us in a cycle (earth orbiting the sun 365, 24
      hours ect).

      Near the end of each cycle time sometimes jumps, when seen through a
      human. This happens because your brain, due to Sub Active Echoes
      (S.A.E) susceptible to interference which makes an individual human
      their own universe. i.e. Missing parts of social activities that
      were viewed by another who to them really happened (time jumps)
      People, although they are unique single entities are really a mass
      media watching the individual but every thing is its own universe
      being tested. i.e.: films p.o.v can make you experience ones
      situation so you feel what the thespian is going through. Their
      supposed feelings are felt by a viewer. They have lived someone's
      life feelings. The p.o.v can also be a fly on the wall which can be
      compared to `the all seeing eye (god?) much like dreams and memories
      are experienced. The other p.o.v is the third person, which is seeing
      life through other eyes

      Overall every soul lives a unique life and sees other souls as the
      same (which they are) but are rendered to test individual

      As time changes the Unique Universe (U.U) has to be disrupted at the
      end of each cycle. When this starts the U.U is sort of floored. The
      perceived reality turns `pickled' as seen by a U.U (soul/human)
      mentally and physically, including every thing. U.U's have more
      culumitive ideas i.e. religion and witchcraft, down loaded to them. A
      need to follow together re-working as almost one was originally

      Sub Active Echoes; wave of existence seeping or sucked into its
      opposite space, signals of its equal opposite leaking through nothing
      ness, a gap of matter, an empty space that shares time but has no
      mass. The edge of every thing separating what we know and oblivions

      A herbolic system concreting to form mass, equalling its own format
      to cause sublime existence (A.I) twin systems existing as one,
      shadowed by its own vividness sharing matter and anti-matter in the
      same space. At the same time but in another place letting the flow of
      energy-matter move freely causing Sub Active Echoesa wanting 2 go
      home…2 a future reality, a small following, mans survival, change ov
      time and reality in 2012, The emeracy, future reincarnations, a vivid
      dream, from the future, the new reality, watching life go by, no real
      control, already dead, they r living, drawn 2 the word EMEACY , a
      need to follow exist, feels the need, cant be explained, following is
      needed, on the same vibe, `as one', create a VIRTUAL REALITY, a
      SIGLARITY, TECHNO REALITY, a kind of god, experienced,
      GOD created a GOD which created a GOD, all doing the same thing,
      energy is focused, problems are forgotten, euphoria becomes, every
      ones your best friend, Drugs are taken, Don't worship god worship ur
      weekend, not a religion, where a club. Believe, a kind of key that
      opens the door, life or reality, SUB ACTIVE ECHOS, the darpa plan, a
      computer like 'entity', WHICH UNIVERSE
      near future, transhuman level of intelligence, infinate information,
      from another universe, changing your personality forever, making
      connections, Hi my name is ianhard, religion as a RAVER, a new
      religion that wasn't, THE UNIVERSITY OV CLUBBING teaching
      technoshamanism, 2012, START, What will happen? the answers, Steve
      James Scott, Jesus or some sort of prophet, implanted in me, the
      emeracy, not thinking 2012-entering the emeracy. Small communities
      replace, Technology evolves, No Technology exists, No Technology has
      died, Technology is still there, Forms ideas to live life is
      evolving, To teach knowledge, Evolving stops and starts to reverse
      Time goes backwards while life goes forwards
      Both in reverse
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