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"True Country Professionals, Catch the wave!"

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    True Country Professionals, Catch the wave! By Jimmy Stix I hope someone who writes great country songs would make a song now with this Title; Stand By Your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2007
      "True Country Professionals, Catch the wave!"
      By Jimmy Stix

      I hope someone who writes great country songs would make a song now
      with this Title; "Stand By Your Legendary Stars" ................ by
      all means! Have you ever heard the phrase; "Catch the wave!" gang?
      AllAboutCountry.com as you know reported on the week of the 1-16-
      07............ the below news reports of our Legendary stars fighting
      Corporate Country! Well............ what are you waiting for!
      Everyone should be putting the pressure on corporate country, and
      with no let up, continue to call every radio station calling
      themselves a COUNTRY station, and ask to hear the new country music
      from our legendary stars! And when they say they can not play this
      new country music......... ask them why? If you country music
      professionals do not back up these great legendary stars
      now........... while they are coming out in the open to fight for
      their American Country Music Heritage Rights.............. then I
      think you should stop calling yourself a lover of our COUNTRY
      Heritage! Look below and see what's happening......................

      Nancy Jones, Wife of George-Still Fighting Corporate Control of
      The Nashville Tennessean continues to report on the conversation
      between Nancy Jones , wife of legendary George Jones, and Gerry House
      of WSIX/Nashville.
      The on air conversation took place in the middle of December, when
      Jones called House on his WSIX morning show to talk about her
      disappointment of corporate control in radio station ownership,
      leading to less airplay for George and other Classic Country singers.
      It was a very heated conversation. Get more from the Tennessean

      Stonewall Jackson Sues Opry
      A suite has been filed against Opry General Manager, Pete Fisher, and
      the Opry's owner, Gaylord Entertainment, for $10 million by Stonewall
      Jackson. He has been a Grand Ole Opry member for 50 years. Last
      Thursday, (Jan 11) the 74 year old Jackson filed papers to sue the
      Opry for age discrimination, breach of contract and retaliation
      because the number of his appearances on the show declined
      significantly after Pete was hired in 1998. According to the lawsuit,
      Fisher wants to feature younger artists on the Opry and that Pete
      told Jackson that he was too old and too Country. Steve Buchanan, VP
      of media and entertainment at the Opry, told the Tennessean, "The
      allegations of age discrimination are without merit, as evidenced by
      our lineups in each and every show. The Opry strives to appeal to all
      generations of fans". Stonewall Jackson became an Opry member in 1956
      and later had several Top 10 hits, which include two #1's, Waterloo
      in 1959 and B.J. the D.J. in 1963.

      All country music lovers who want to see ALL country radio play
      Bluegrass, Country classic, Country traditional, Country Folk,
      Country Blues, and yes! Even the young stars of today mixed with the
      legendary stars and their brand new music.................. as one
      big happy family............. then don't let this move of the
      legendary stars back-fire on them!

      Did you read what was said about the radio stations threatening
      George Jones and other legendary stars with less airplay if they
      cause corporate country any negative pressure for their moves in
      country! If that is not a true form of terrorism threat to our
      COUNTRY friends............... nothing is!

      Stonewall Jackson is fighting a mountain of corporate greed that has
      no place in our treasured Heritage of country music! How can any
      country star, young........ or old stand by and watch our legendary
      stars get hit with such disrepect! Big Corporate Country
      says; "business is business!" I say............. NOT in our country
      it isn't! There's no room for segregated country in USA! Or for
      that matter, the whole World of COUNTRY want you to go away! Go to
      another style music and do your business! And GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

      If on the other hand, if corporate country would listen to reason!
      And change their attitude about our legendary stars, and appreciate
      country blues, country bluegrass, country folk, and other country
      music styles................ by putting these on their
      playlist.......... then we would welcome them to country! However!
      They do not want to be fair, and to secure our Heritage, so all will
      continue to benefit off their life's work!

      Instead......... they want to retire the old stars...........
      claiming country people don't want to hear them anymore! Which is
      such a lie............ everyone in country knows it! Even the ones
      who claim they agree with BIG corporate consultants about
      this................ when corporate country isn't looking, they admit
      they are wrong! They want to please both sides of this issue! You
      can't please both sides for long folks! The other will find out
      sooner or later!

      I know you are tired of reading my articles............... and I get
      tired of typing this issue! And if everyone in the country music
      business would fight corporate country now, I would not have to type
      about this issue again! I am so proud to see that the legendary stars
      are not leaving our town without a fight! And that's why I'm shooting
      out this message again! It's "Highnoon" Gang!........... and Big
      Corporation Country is getting SHOT by, Jimmy Stix.............. "The
      other man in black!".................The long-time country outlaw
      who's fast with the draw! And I'm going to be standing in the middle
      of this COUNTRY Town, alive!

      Legendary stars! George and Nancy Jones! And Stonewall Jackson! May
      God be with you, and may he deal fairly with those who are dealing
      unfairly with you! My cowboy hat is off to you! And I tell you now,
      I will not stop Shooting at Corporate Country until they either
      change their direction to benefit all of us in
      country................. or they Leave Town! You can count on me!


      end of article.
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