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"These Stars Made Country Radio Great!"

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    These Stars Made Country Radio Great! By: Jimmy Stix I know country radio must be still interested in these stars, right? They made country radio what it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2006
      "These Stars Made Country Radio Great!"

      By: Jimmy Stix

      I know country radio must be still interested in these stars, right?
      They made country radio what it is today! I know some of the stars
      listed are relatives (Sons, Daughters, Sisters and Brothers) of the
      SuperStars of yesterday, but, what runs in most families is the great
      talent the superstars of Country Music have. Families played together
      and sang great heart felt songs. They still do get together and jam!

      Check this list out to see if you are playing their new or older

      Larry Gatlin, Gene Watson, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Freddy Fender,
      George Jones, Merle haggard, Ed Bruce, Warner Mack, Freddy Powers,
      Tommy Cash, Vern Gosdin, Leona Williams, Eddy Arnold, Bobby Bare, Al
      Downing, Chester Smith, Tanya Tucker, Roy Clark, Moe Bandy, Mickey
      Gilley, Jerry Reed, Joe Stafford, Charlie McCoy, Rex Allen Jr,
      Stonewall Jackson, Ricky Van Shelton, Riders in the Sky, Johnny
      Western, Little Jimmy Dickens, Jan Howard, Mitchell Torok, Larry
      Cordle, Frankie Miller, Freddy Hart, Charlie Louvin, Narvel Felts,
      Clinton Gregory, Jett Williams, Rustie Blue, Jack Greene, Marvin
      Rainwater, John Conlee, Hank Thompson, Crystal Gayle, Tom T Hall,
      Johnny Counterfit, Ray Price, David Frizzell, Norma Jean, Leroy Van
      Dyke, Kitty Wells, Johnny Wright, Noel Haggard, Barbara Fairchild,
      Doug Dugger (Chaplin of Country Music) Janie Fricke, Ernie Ashworth,
      Ken Mellons, Bobby Wright, OJ Hanssen, Claude Gray, Micheal Twitty,
      Robyn Young, Mel McDaniel, Frankie Miller, Norma Jean, Ernie Ashworth,
      Lance Miller, Mayf Nutter, Jeannie Seely, Tribute to Floyd Tillman,
      Tribute to Dave Kirby, Tribute to Dave Dudley, Tribute to Redd
      Stewart, Coming soon Tommy Overstreet, Marty Stuart, Heather Myles,
      Izak & West, Todd Tally, Wendell Crowley, Mike Bella, Al Brumley,
      Jimmy Eaves, Rustie Blue, Johnny Lee, TG Sheppard, Shotgun Red, Bobby
      Vinton, Wes Harrison, plus many more of the stars that made country
      music what it is today!

      Well? Are you? Why Not? These stars and other professional country
      music kinfolk belong to the Country Legends Association and you could
      join by going to; http://www.clalonestar.com/ .............

      What happen to these stars, have they lost their talent? Are they
      dead? Do they put out any new songs? Do they still go on tour? Do they
      still have fans? Or are they dead too? Why is radio, the one's calling
      themselves Country, ignoring these great stars of country music? Is
      the new DJs wondering why they can't play this special new music of
      country? Why is the BIG Business Media Corporations pushing off the
      stars listed herein, and why are we, the people of USA allowing it to

      Turning off the country music of these stars is a crime! It's American
      Airwaves we are talking here folks! Big Corporation Media is telling
      you, you don't want to hear these stars! Is that true? They say to
      you, it's ok, we will give you what you want to hear!

      Well...........if that's true, then why is it, that whenever I ask a
      country music lover, young or older, face to face, nobody in country
      tells me they only want to hear the new country music of todays stars!
      Everyone wants to hear todays stars, and Yesterday's Stars listed above!!

      Radio! Listen to me, the majority.......... that's right.........the
      MAJORITY of country music lovers in this country do not listen to your
      "Airwaves"............ Big Business Media, are you listening? You do
      not have the majority of country music
      people listening to your radio! And therefore you are losing a great
      deal of listenership in all your so called demographics ............ a
      term I might add, that was developed mostly to try and convince people
      like me that what Big Business is doing with our country, was
      justifiable. No consultant will ever convince me that their
      professional moves with country music made radio better for our
      country! This is why places like Calafornia, New York and other major
      cities are losing the country format to others! Yes! There's other
      reasons for this, but, this is one of the major reason's for the loss!

      Please! everyone who agrees with me...........speak out! And those who
      disagree with me, don't just e-mail me, that's easy to do, there's
      nobody else reading your reasons for disagreeing with me, publish the
      reasons! Or are you afraid that true country music lovers will flood
      you with e-mails telling you you are wrong!

      The stars listed herein, "These Stars Made Country Radio Great!" and
      your country radio will not stay GREAT if you keep ignoring them!
      Again! The have NEW country too! So play it!

      Sincerely yours gang!

      Jimmy Stix


      Date; 12-9-06

      End of article.
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