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"STiX-MiX" feelings about the 2003 CMA AWARDS Show"

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    STiX-MiX feelings about the 2003 CMA AWARDS Show BY: JiMMY STiX www.jimstix.com www.jimmystix.com November 6th 2003 I can t help but feel very mix in my
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      "STiX-MiX" feelings about the 2003 CMA AWARDS Show"

      BY: JiMMY STiX

      November 6th 2003

      I can't help but feel very mix in my feelings watching the CMA AWARDS

      Much great talent on that stage, and in the seats this year. Many
      stars whom we all know would not be there were there this year.
      Mainly because of the viewing of the special tribute to the great

      I know I will be refering to those not in order of their stage
      presents that night, for certain moments really strike me more than

      Like the banner of one of the BROOKS & DUNN boys had around his right
      arm. Showing great respect of honoring "CASH" is in my mind, giving
      me respect for BROOKS & DUNN like never before. Just that action and
      gesture without words, puts the boys on my high respect list. Of
      course I always had respect for them as true country music family
      members from the moment they recorded with Hank Thompson and you can
      hear that great song on Hank Thompson's newest release "Hank Thompson
      And Friends" on CURB RECORDS. However, that simple act just cemented
      their ties with history, and they will experience high respect from
      fans as Johnny Cash has this year.

      Many country stars think they do not need this type of respect for
      heritage. Many DJs think they do not have to respect heritage by
      making sure the legendary stars are heard even in their old age when
      they want to stay in the markets with brand new releases! Many BIG-
      MEDIA executives feel the same way, and that's why you don't hear
      ones like Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride on radio anymore! Alan
      Jackson has the right idea, for he feels country music singing is
      what he loves, and he doesn't want the BIG-MEDIA retire him from
      doing something he loves, before he's ready to retire from singing.
      And he will retire the way Johnny Cash did.

      I need to express how wonderful it was to see all the legendary stars
      and very close friends of Johnny Cash on stage for tribute to Johnny
      in front of millions of country music fans! It was very refreshing to
      see that, and I truely enjoyed it deeply. Country Music People are
      truely one big family! Other music styles do not experience what
      country people do, and this is the reason why the BIG-MEDIA radio and
      tv should meditate more on shutting off the "Life-Line" to stars like
      George Jones and others!

      Did you see George Jones gang? Also being there for Johnny Cash. BIG-
      MEDIA ignores Jones' brand new releases and everone knows it!
      However, George Jones still partakes in the CMA AWARDS event out of
      respect for heritage, respect for Johnny Cash's tribute, out of
      respect for Johnny's family! That's true country music pride! We all
      can see George Jones hurting inside because BIG-MEDIA has treated the
      legendary stars with contempt by shutting them out, and retiring them
      before they want to be retired from being heard by all Americans!
      George Jones and other great legendary stars try to hide their
      feelings most of the time, but if you are a country music
      professional like me, for over thirty years, you can see
      the "unspoken-words" said by the legendary stars!

      Let's face it, this is the ONLY time BIG-MEDIA pays so much attention
      to the legendary stars, is when one of them dies. However, when that
      usually happens, the BIG-MEDIA radio and tv also only play the stars
      older songs and releases. This has got to be the first time in
      history that they bring attention to a star's newest released song.
      Fantastic! But, did you fans ever get the chance to hear that country
      music song of Johnny's on your BIG-MEDIA radio waves when you were
      driving to work? Of course not! Some of you probably never heard the
      song all the way through, even now, right?

      Dolly Parton's stage act was truely one of country's greatest 2003
      quality seasoned performance that touched my heart. To see Dolly give
      a performance like that gives me the incentive to keep reaching out
      to the BIG-MEDIA executive doors of communication. knocking on
      their "PIG-HEADED" attitudes that are killing our COUNTRY, inwhich
      our legendary stars (like Johnny Cash) have worked so hard to build
      with pride and hard work!

      It reminds me of Vince Gill's country song at the CMA AWARDS show,
      where he mentioned that it's a young man's world now, and those whom
      build before them, are at the mercy of the young men of this world. I
      guess his country song touched me as well. For he says a lot in that
      timely song this night. It really makes one think doesn't it gang?
      What spirit runs our COUNTRY now? And can anyone stop it? Something
      to think about, isn't it?

      I know Toby Keith would have loved to win another award this year,
      and deserving it by far, but, I also know Toby, he is very glad the
      late Johnny Cash got many awards! Way over due awards that's for
      sure! My favorite song is with Toby Keith and Willie Nelson, "Beer
      for my horses, and wisky for my friends", it's a country song that
      put a legendary star back on BIG-MEDIA radio where they belong!

      Buddy Jewell, is a performer with a great future in COUNTRY! He also
      has a "family-before-money " attitude that will give himself great
      respect as time ticks on, and he will live on in the hearts of fans
      even after he leaves town like Johnny cash just did. Buddy, my advice
      to you Bud, don't let the young men of country in high places (BIG-
      MEDIA), choke your respect for family and heritage and put greed and
      love of money in it's place. For there are many young country stars
      who will be forgotten as time ticks onward because their songs are
      as but a "Spit" from their mouth that will evaporate in time, in the
      hearts of all future country people. For I was taught that respect is
      a two way street. What you are doing cements your place in history.
      You are unique in style much like many legendary stars! Were as the
      young stars who do not care about how the young people (BIG-MEDIA) of
      the world treat our legendary stars, will be just a "fad" that will
      disappear from COUNTRY!

      Nice to see "Little Jimmy Dickens" on stage! How that happen, who
      knows? But it's nice to see him there! I'm sure not complaining!!

      Martina McBride! What a song, and what a great singer! Another
      wonderful country star with an attituted we respect! Who says having
      respect can cost you money? Martina McBride doesn't look poor!

      Alison Krauss and Union Station brought quality of country music to
      the stage once again! I simply love everything about this talented
      group! It was heart warming that they were able to be on stage, for I
      believe that this is a great attempt to start a trend to unite our
      great COUNTRY and by doing so, show that it's ok to mix the legendary
      stars and the new young stars of country! BIG-MEDIA could do this on
      radio and tv if they wanted to. Why not? Is it cost effective? Is it
      good for country music radio and tv to join the legendary stars and
      their brand new releases with the young stars of today? Why not, it's
      good on the CMA AWARDS SHOW isn't it?

      I can not have an article about the CMA without mentioning a group I
      feel are very talented. They truely have put themselves in "Hotwater"
      this past year. However, I want to make sure everyone knows I am not
      taking sides of their issues. But I do want to say, this group has
      always been in my heart and mind, very talented, and I love most of
      their songs! The camera did not once go on the DIXIE CHICKS ! Were
      they there? I know they played some of their great songs. But, I did
      not see them? Did anyone else see them? I know they want to leave
      country, but did they leave already? If they did, we truely lost a
      great country music group! And I know that I will get much "Heat"
      from many who disagree with me, and from close friends who do not
      like the DIXIE CHICKS now. But, everyone who really knows me, knows I
      speak what I feel even if my friends don't agree with what I say! I
      don't let anyone, or anything keep me from putting respect where it
      belongs! And money will not force me to act contrary to what I
      believe is right, and true! It was sad that the DIXIE CHICKS were not

      Our COUNTRY is great because all the personalities in COUNTRY can
      live together, young, and old alike! Getting along with each other!
      Like one big family! I guess this present system of things has
      touched many in such a way, that our COUNTRY can't unite now! Maybe
      BIG-MEDIA has done their damage, and the legendary stars don't have a
      chance to survive in our COUNTRY well , after all! The issues of
      today have choked the spirit of great talent hitting the airwaves!
      One can not have an opinion about any issue that might cancel their
      membership to our COUNTRY, based on the right issues that this system
      of things dictates as being wrong!

      It really "burns-me-up" when issues like; "why is radio and tv
      ignoring the brand new releases of the legendary stars", are ignored
      by most, which is an issue within our COUNTRY MUSIC realm, and was
      there long before the war! Attention to correct this issue and make
      it priority in our country lives is so far from reality! And yet! The
      issues that are not within our Country Music realm get killing
      attention! There is millions of Americans who do not feel USA should
      have gone to war! Millions who think war is something nobody should
      be envolved in! The opinions are so complex and in opposite
      directions that one can only think why America is still here? But, it
      is! And that issue should never effect the people in country music in
      such a way that they mark a fantastic country music group like the

      The issue here to me, is what are you saying here, when you reject a
      famous country group who has earned respect from all country people
      because of their great talents! You are saying to everyone in this
      COUNTRY, if you are not supporting the troups, and you disagree with
      president Bush's direction of the United States of American going to
      war, then we reject you as a good citizen of our COUNTRY! Is that

      I'm very sorry I felt compelled to bring this up in an article about
      what I felt about the 2003 CMA AWARDS Show, but, being that the DIXIE
      CHICKS should have been there with all the other great country music
      talent, I had to say something about this issue!

      I can say much more about this CMA 2003 Awards show, but, my article
      would be a book then, "LOL" !

      To conclude, I want everyone to know, I truely enjoyed this CMA
      AWARDS SHOW 2003! Even though these sad issues were brought up by me,
      I did enjoy the show. I just sit here wishing though, that the BIG-
      MEDIA and all of you in this COUNTRY would take up this issue of
      radio and tv! Let's unite our COUNTRY and work to get the legendary
      stars, and all their great brand new releases on all the major
      programs, mixed with all the young and new artist songs! Don't waite
      for another great legendary star to leave town before we recognize
      their seasoned quality brand new country songs!

      ___________________________end of article.
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