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What a great country music awards show!!!!

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    What I liked about the 18th annual Northeast CMA Awards show March 30th 2003 ____________________________________________________ By: JIMMY STIX
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
      "What I liked about the 18th annual Northeast CMA Awards show"
      March 30th 2003

      By: JIMMY STIX
      March 31, 2003


      I arrived at the show, with my guest, about 2:15pm, Sunday afternoon,
      on March 30th, 2003, and we headed for the Left side Balcony (Seats
      8) inside the marvelous "Grand Ole " Proctors Theatre, in
      Schenectady, New York.

      I have been attending this great Award Show for 15 years now. And my
      only regret is, that I did not start sooner. For I missed about 3, or
      4 shows since the Northeast CMA began the Show 18 years ago.

      Everytime I go, however, I thoroughly enjoy it! This Show was no

      Mr. Rick Anderson is truely a very funny guy.......and I don't mean
      that in a bad way Gang. He was the Host of the show this year, and
      he did a very exceptional "Comedian-style" job............if I might
      say! I think I'm a fair judge of this gang, for I have
      been "Master-of-ceremony" for many years now, for my own country
      music concerts, and festivals, and others as well, accross this
      great "Country" of ours, and knowing a good entertainer "Host" is
      something I could comment on don't you think? And Mr. Rick Anderson
      is blessed with this talent. I did hear a few complaints about his
      way, but, you can not please everyone in this business can you?

      Kenton Holsapple, a musician with character, who loves his music,
      and obviously loves his Country, to the point of being President of
      the Northeast CMA. Even though I am a professional member of the
      Northeast CMA, I make these comments out of professional observation,
      without any worry of political threat, they may come appond such
      review of talent. For those who really know me, I'm not afriad to
      voice may opinoin about something in our Country, even if the
      majority may think I'm wrong. After all, I have been in the forefront
      (Since 1988) of an issue that has the majority of country music Radio
      professionals wishing I'd stop wasting my time on. I want any radio
      station calling themselves COUNTRY to give the Legendary Stars prime
      time "AIR" time, because they are still releasing Brand New
      Recordings! I get a lot of e-mail, and Postal mail that tell me I'm
      wasting my time, and that they will never do business with me. So,
      when I praise Kenton Holsapple, I'm not doing this to gain some kind
      of points with the president of a great association I happen to
      belong to, for I know it's a human tendency to think that maybe why
      I am praising Kenton, but, it's not! My "cow-boy" hat is off to
      Kenton Holsapple, for spending his time directing the Northeast CMA
      in a good direction!

      Dixie Road...............the crowd was right to yell out excitment
      and applause for such a newly formed country group. Because they play
      together as if they were already a well seasoned country music band!
      Like Blue Creek is! Railway is! North 40 band is! Back 40 band is!
      Country Music Bands of the Northeast that have been together for many
      seasons! And they all sound great! I'm sure that "Dixie Road " will
      continue to be a vital country music entertaining feature of the
      Northeast. And if they send me their first country CD, I will see to
      it, they will get exposure around this World of Country Music, in the
      USA, and accross the pond!

      Aged In The Hills, has always been a favorite country group of mine,
      and they are being promoted on my main website (www.jimmystix.com)
      and will always be there. I play them often on my country music show
      (STIX-MIX) and the listenership enjoys their hometown music.

      Darcy Schacher, the little nine year old Country Girl, who has a
      future in country music. My wife, Pamela, and my thirteen year old
      son, John, who was also watching, thought Darcy was a cute and
      refreshing act, and we want to add that we thought her preformance
      brought a family "Air" to the award show. Something that seems to be
      missing in the corporate country music radio, and entertainment
      profession today. Country Music has always been a family oriented
      music business, and it's still alive at our Northeast CMA Awards Show!

      Country Bluegrass bands here in the Northeast are all wonderful, and
      when I listened to these groups play Bluegrass, it reminds me of
      sitting on the porch in Williamsport, PA .........listening to my
      Father, and Uncles playing their Bluegrass/Country style music, at
      the age of about four years old! I can not help but feel "Home-
      sick", and tears begin to appear in my eyes a little, for you see,
      my "Dad" left town for good, the same day as my good friend Waylon
      Jennings did, a short time ago. Thanks Guys, and gals of the
      following Bluegrass bands, for bringing me back home, even just a
      for a passing moment when you all preformed at our 18th annual awards
      show! Cabin Fever ! Sweet Cider ! Blue Moon !
      Thank you again, and I look forward to experiencing "me-goin'-back-
      home" next year !

      Valerie DeLaCruz ! Wow! As usual, this Lady of Country Music is
      stunning! No other word could give her justice! Singing her newest
      song, and for all of you who would like to hear it
      (www.valeriedelacruz) just go to her web-site and listen! I will say
      this, the Northeast CMA is honored to have her as a professional
      member. I just wish I had the time to spend with the association as
      much as she does. Where do you find such time Valerie, I belong to
      other Great Country Music associations, and my personal life is
      important to me too, not to mention, that I'm already 51 years of
      age, where do you find the time, and energy to do what you do?

      Now, I love the Blues, especailly the Country Blues gang! I have
      listened to many Blues Bands in my day, and I can not help but wish
      there was some other way to comment on this Blues band in a better
      way. But here it goes. Blues Noir, was not making the country scene
      with me. I did not like the choices on blues songs. I do think the
      musicians were very talented in their ability to play their blues
      instruments, however, the songs did not make me happy. Maybe other
      Blues songs would have made my opinion of their band in a more
      positive way? I'd truely invite them back next year, to try it
      again, with songs that would reflect their real talent hidden behind
      those choice of songs. Of course, it's only my opinion and taste
      saying this, and maybe most of the listeners did like the songs, I
      know my guest, and I did not, sorry.

      Brahma ! Entertaining for sure! They rocked the top out of this
      theatre for sure! Of course, I for one would like to hear myself
      think when listening to a country music group.......LOL!! Maybe it's
      because I'm 51 years old gang! Old people don't like the band being
      too load. However! Brahma, is a unique country band, with a unique
      style, that is appealing! But, personally, it's too load for me, the
      old man! LOL!

      Now, intermission, after two wonderful hours! Of course, my wife,
      Pamela, wanted to go home now. Not because she did not like the show
      so far, but, she likes to enjoy a two hour show, not a four to five
      hour show. Too much of a good think is not good she believes. Not me,
      I think the show is great being over four hours!! After all, you only
      pay at the door, $15, and less if you pay in advance! You get your
      monies worth, that's for sure gang! Right?

      Well, my wife stayed anyway, cause she wanted to please her "Honey"!
      Me! LOL!!

      We strolled to the back, at the bar, and I had a beer, and my wife
      had a white wine, it's her favorite! And my son John, well, his
      friends, and he, bought every candy at the counter, and I still had
      money left over, for I think the prices there, were pretty
      reasonable, compared to the many other places I have attended in this
      World of Country Music over the 30 years in this profession.

      Justin Carey, for those of you who do not know, he's blind. He's
      the most humble, and senitive, country music performer in the
      Northeast CMA. His love for the legendary stars, and their country
      music, of yesteryear, and of the records still being released today,
      is what makes this performer very special in my eyes. I'd love to
      see Justin carey get the international country music assocation
      attention soon, and I'd love to start promoting Justin in that way,
      however, all his CDs disappeared from the promotional table at this
      event, and I could not get his latest CD! Everyone bought his CDs and
      they did not have any left. Will someone get me a copy, so I could
      promote Justin ? LOL!! However, all joking aside... ........I do mean
      it when I say, Justin Carey deserves the best!

      Now the second half of the show was starting. Lakota Creek ! Heather
      Richards & Kathi Brooks ! WOW! Here's two young country music
      singers that deserve a big WOW!!!!! But, not too big of a wow, cause
      I would find myself in a divorce, for my wife is proff -reading this
      article, LOL!!!! Heather Richards had an "Intimate Portrait" song in
      the first half of the show, and I then realized what a
      beautiful ...............................song that was! LOL!!! Both
      these country music women have what it takes, believe me!! OK! That's
      enough about these two..........before something happens to me, that
      I will regret! LOL!! Oh! almost forgot, Lakota Creek band was great
      too!! LOL!!

      Blue Creek! I mentioned this band in the outset of my review article,
      but, they are truely worth mentioning again! Being that they
      performed after the girls..............and I must say, I have them on
      my STIX-MIX radio shows around the World of Country and the listeners
      love them! Stay together guys!! You have what it takes to be on top
      too!! Keep creating your own demand, and things will start to click
      for you Nationally! Mark my words, and never me affraid to venture
      outside of the Northeast to get heard live!

      The County Line Rebels, performance, as always, brings joy to my
      ears! The volume of their performance is very practical, and
      enjoyable. Never too load! Legendary country music style, that even
      my guest at the "Awards Show" commented on their fine country music
      sound! "Home-made" country music style that I hope never dies!!!
      Great Job gang! Your group is one I always look foreward in hearing!

      The String Dusters!! WOW! wow in the sense that you guys make those
      strings sing! Great sound! again, I am not just saying that, I mean

      Railway! I know most in the audience loved this group Railway! And I
      know you guys are going to hate me. But, I am not super crasy over
      your pick of songs being that sounds like all the other country music
      pop, and rock country bands, on the New Country Radio Stations
      accross this USA! The legendary stars have their own, unique styles
      to put them on top, and make people know who they are when radio is
      palying their music.........you are a talented group! If you want
      people to pick you out of the common crowd on radio, be unique! If
      radio was to play your music without saying who they were playing,
      would any listener in this area really be able to say; "Hey! That's
      Railway on radio!" ...............would they? I don't think so? Not
      as many as you may think? Maybe your hard core fans would, but, the
      country music people in the region would not. New Country radio plays
      stars that are not really unique. I could not pick out the names of
      many country music bands on radio today! Many country listeners
      can't, they all sound the same! Be unique with your own songs, and
      don't sound like the "carbon-copy" pop/rock country bands out there!
      They will not stay alive in country! They will go, almost as fast as
      they came in to country! "Constructive criticism" is what I'm trying
      to give you guys here. For if I did not like you, as a country music
      group, I would not bother trying to help you see what a great
      potential you have as a country music band! The National scene is
      changing continuely yes! However, one thing you need to notice in
      this business, and to survive it, is anyone who stands out from the
      crowd, will be country music history in the making. Our Country Music
      History will never die, and the sounds of unique, will live forever!

      Well, Gang! The 18th annual Northeast CMA Award has ended. My son
      John is now sick, sick of all the candy his Dad let him eat, and my
      wife is not happy with me for two reasons, I let him eat that candy,
      and I "WOW"ed' ....................about the ladies of country music
      in this review article too................BIG! LOL!!!

      We totally enjoyed all the performers really! Thanks Northeast CMA
      for putting on, as always, a fantastic Awards Show, and
      congradulations to all the winners! If you did not win this year,
      well you will just have to win next year, right Gang!

      If I forgot to mention any of the performers, please except my
      apology! And for those that I gave somewhat of a negative review,
      please consider it just some "constructive critisim" from an old man
      of 51 , who has been in this professional business for over thirty
      years. You might say it's, just a little "Food-for-thought".

      I really look forward to next year !

      Sincerely yours gang!

      www.the-world-of-country-music.com (Yahoo CMA)

      __________________________________end of review 2003.
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