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What do you country music fans think of these articles ????

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    AIRPLAY 101 ... By Bryan Farrish www.radio-media.com Payola (part 3 of 5), How Stations React If You Try To Pay Them. (note: I ll be speaking at the DIY
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
      AIRPLAY 101
      By Bryan Farrish

      Payola (part 3 of 5), How Stations React If You Try To Pay Them.

      (note: I'll be speaking at the DIY Convention in Los Angeles on
      Saturday Feb 8th... www.diyconvention.com )

      Let's say you are grassroots artist, or a small indie, or even a
      small-medium label, and up until now you've done no radio (or, you've
      always had someone else take care of it for you.) Now, you've decided
      that since you understand payola, you are going to spend some money and
      try to handle the promotion yourself, legally. You tell yourself that
      you are going to contact the PD at three or four major-market stations
      near you, and set up your own "contract" to play your record. You have
      enough money, and so you are finally going to get your exposure.
      Here's what will happen...

      First of all, most every beginner wants the major stations, so here is
      how it will go down in markets #1 to #20 (small markets would be
      different, of course). You make your phone call to the PD, but he/she
      is not available, so the secretary directs you to the MD. Since the MD
      has not heard of you, you will probably get the MD's voicemail. Or,
      you ask for someone who WILL talk with you... a jock, or even an
      assistant. You tell the person (or the MD if they answer) that you
      have some marketing money for airplay, and that you want to set up one
      of those "legal indie contracts".

      Without further thought on their part, you will be transferred or
      directed to the sales department, where you will get the newest
      entry-level account executive. This account executive will be confused
      by your "indie contract" request, but will say that if you are looking
      to get exposure for your release, you should start out with an
      advertising campaign (i.e., a spot schedule) on the station, and he/she
      will also say "if it's good, the PD may indeed start playing it,
      because I've seen it happen before." You think about it, and realize
      you've been sidetracked. You want airplay, not commercials. You try
      again for the PD, to no avail, and now the original MD or jock you
      talked to doesn't want to hear from you, except for maybe saying "send
      me the record." You have now been taken completely out of the airplay
      loop, and you would not have even realized it had you not read this

      You start rationalizing that you could indeed use some commercials
      anyway. Plus, the PD will certainly hear the spots, so this may
      actually be the way to go. But you want to make certain this will
      result in airplay, so you tell the AE (account executive) that you
      don't mind spending the $10,000 or $20,000 for a heavy three week spot
      schedule, but you want to get some kind of guarantee or promise from
      the PD that the record will go into rotation soon after you start;
      after all, the reason you called the station in the first place was to
      set up your "legal indie contract". You'll spend the money, if you get
      the spins.

      The PD and sales staff now have you where they want you. They have
      done their job of making you think that your pseudo "indie contract"
      starts out with an ad (not "add") schedule, and that it will "maybe
      probably" evolve into airplay. It's the most attention you've ever
      gotten from a station.

      But you keep prodding the AE for that "promise" that you seem to not be
      getting... that they WILL play your record if you buy the schedule.
      The AE says almost everything on the planet, except "yes, we promise".
      You do not feel so great about this. It must be easier than this...
      there is no way they'd treat Warner Brothers this way, you say. But
      you have no other choice... the major-market PD will not talk to you
      (again, small market would be different), and it looks as if there is
      nothing left to do but run the spots and hope for spins.

      Congratulations... you have now completed your dead-end trip. The
      spots will run, and finish; the station will have your money (legally),
      and you will have NO regular rotation on this major-market station.
      The system has worked again.

      Conclusion: Paying stations is not a tool for a small indie to get

      Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion is an independent radio airplay promotion
      company. 818-905-8038 www.radio-media.com. If you live in Los Angeles
      and want to be informed of any events, seminars or parties we do, email
      meet@... and tell us what town you are in.

      ___________________MY ARTICLE IS BELOW GANG !!!!

      Airplay 101: "Who's benefiting?"
      By Jimmy Stix

      "Who's Benefiting?", Is it the Legendary Stars? Is it the majority of
      country music lovers? Is it the local, and World wide indie stars?

      Let's say you are a Legendary Star of country music, and you love to
      record, write, and market your great brand new CDs to all the country
      music lovers out there. After all, you are one of the lucky ones, and
      you are still alive, and breathing your "USA-born-air", and can not
      think of retiring at any age.

      However, even though your music is released on the MAJOR MARKETS, you
      can not get heard. For everyone who is in this business of country
      music knows, radio is, and always will be, the life-line of every
      country music star.

      so Why? Why is radio ignoring the seasoned country star? Good
      question? The "New Country Radio" Monopoly Corporations give you all
      kinds of excuses they expect you, and every country music lover in the
      World to believe. The sad thing is, many are brain washed into
      believing that it's ok to ignore the great legendary, veteran stars of
      country music. matter-of-fact, many country music radio professionals
      support such continued action.

      This sad system of things..... (and Bryan farrish was so kind to bring
      a small part of the realities of this sad system in radio into the
      forefront for us ) ....has been a gradual decline in radio's ability
      to "air" country music that the , majority, country music lovers want
      to hear. Now, i will say this one more time for those who have a very
      hard time grasping such a reality. radio is not supplying the country
      music lovers .........( I'm not saying your listeners, for the
      listenership only makes up about one tenth of the number of country
      music lovers out here guys ) ...... what they, want to hear on our
      American "USA" "airwaves".

      I call this operation of "New Country Radio" the
      "NCR-not-fair-business-practice". Hows that, for a new term?

      When you have other countries, like norway, italy, germany, and so
      many others, giving our legendary, veteran seasoned stars "air-time",
      and plenty of it, and our own "New country radio" ignores these great
      stars, something is truely wrong. When i think of great country stars
      who have passed away recently, and who were welcomed with open arms in
      other countries to the point of great fame......like boxcar willie.
      need I say anymore.

      I think I could stop here, and many would get the point. But, I'm not
      going to. for we have not even discussed the country music lovers out
      here yet. plus, what about our local, and world-wide indie stars?

      The majority of country music lovers, in the USA especially, are not
      happy with radio. For many reasons, and one major reason is what we
      just discussed in this article. the country music lover wants to hear
      the legendary stars and all their brand new releases. radio shuts them
      out, and the country music lovers are not stupid Americans, they in
      turn, shut off "New country radio".

      Any honest hearted country music professional knows, that if he, or
      she, would make surveys that go beyond there present day listenership
      .....for the listenership does not make up the majority of country
      music lovers in there areas......
      ........the professional country person then will realize, their
      programs are not what the country lover wants.......yes......they love
      what's on the air-waves, the young new stars.......but, there is much
      missing on their programs, for they are very limited to a very small

      One example from a country music professional who's been in this
      business over thirty years, and who have given many country music
      festivals, and concerts over the years. At one of my country music
      concerts, that my good friend Willie Nelson was head lining at the
      time, in New York, a group of four young Ladies ( ages between 20 and
      30 ) stood and talked with me a while. When they told me they loved
      Charlie Pride, and his music, and they expressed a sadness that he was
      not recording records anymore. I turned to them, and said, what?!
      Charlie Pride has never stopped writing, performing, recording, and
      pushing brand new country music out on the major markets.
      Matter-of-fact, he plans to record many more as time ticks on. I stood
      there and watched those young ladies cry...........and they were
      crying for many reasons. one was they were angry at "New country
      radio" for not letting them know. For not playing, even a few of his
      brand new releases.

      Yes, I can end here and feel good about this article gang, but, I'm not.

      The thousands of local , and indie stars who are in your local areas
      should atleast get air-time on their favorite local New Country Radio
      Station, even if the radio station is primarily a major market
      corporate owned station. there is no good reason why your local "DJ"
      could not give your CD a spin once in a while. the corporation who
      owns the station now, would benefit greatly, and don't even know it.

      By spinning the legendary stars, and the local stars CDs, it would
      draw all the country music lovers, and make them all listeners of "New
      Country Rdaio". Then most everyone would be happy. supporting these
      corporations in many ways then.

      Then the only ones who will be sad still is the Bluegrass, Folk, and
      other styles of country music, for they do not get "Air-time" on a
      COUNTRY RADIO STATION TOO MUCH Either..........of course, I won't even
      begin to express my igdignation about that now, for that will be the
      subject of my next article, ok gang.

      So, who's benefiting? Who's benefiting on doing business as usual in
      New Country Radio? Who's benefiting Bryan? You? Me? The legendary
      stars? the majority country music lovers? the monopoly corporations
      who are buying out all the small, and medium market radio? the
      listeners of new country music ( who are not the majority of country
      music lovers ) ? is it the major label corporations making big
      "payola" to the monopoly corporations? is it the stars who have the
      support of the major label corporations and their successful "payola"

      so, who's benefiting? I guess it's safe to say, the legendary stars
      don't realy benefit off radio's life-line connection. It's safe to
      say, the local and indie stars have less.........and in time, less,
      benefit of this "life-line" of every star. and........oh yes, let's
      not forget, the majority of country music lovers are the biggest
      losers of them all.

      So, again, Who's benefiting ??

      As long as "New Country Radio" ignores our Great legendary stars,
      wheteher or not, it's the legendary stars of today, or the legendary
      stars of tommorow ( for the new stars on radio, are the legendary
      stars of tommorow) .........I ( Jimmy Stix of New York USA) will never
      stop voicing my indignation about this operation, no matter what
      article comes out in defense of these monopoly corporations who shut
      out such seasoned artist who continue to record good country music.

      the people of the USA, the majority of true country music lovers stand
      by professionals like me, who care about the American country music
      heritage, and the rights of every Country Music Star to be heard on
      the USA Radio "air-waves". Making laws to prevent our COUNTRY from
      being United, is not the American USA way. Segregation ended years
      ago.......... and our COUNTRY will UNITE. Or I will die trying to make
      it right.

      _____________________________________end of article.
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