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"Will New Country Radio spin this Album?"

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    Will New Country Radio spin this Album? Well, folks, will New Country Radio spin this new Album? What Album am I talking about? Have you ever heard of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
      "Will New Country Radio spin this Album?"
      Well, folks, will "New Country Radio" spin this new Album? What Album
      am I talking about? Have you ever heard of Alison Krauss? She has the
      greatest country....... folk...... Bluegrass style ever .......NOT
      Heard on "New Country Radio", and I have always said that the country
      fans are missing a lot of great country music when no one seems to
      spin Alison Krauss' music! I wish I could meet this fantastic singer!
      I have all her records......... she is one of my top country singers,
      and she has been since she started! Do you hear her much today on
      country music? Why not! Do you care? Vince Gill...... another great
      star of country, Bluegrass....... and folk! Do you hear Vince Gill
      today much on New Country radio gang? No! Why not?
      Now we have another Big country Star recording and releasing
      a "Bluegrass" album, Joe Diffie, signed a deal with Country and folk
      label Rounder Records, home of Alison Krauss, to record a new album
      of bluegrass music. So now what are you country fans going to do? Sit
      back and let New Country Radio ignore this great "Bluegrass" album
      coming out soon? Why let New Country Radio get away with not spinning
      this NEW Release!
      I say......... contact the New Country radio every chance you
      get........ and request songs from that album soon to come out! Even
      if that New Country Radio Station doesn't have a request line........
      keep calling and writing the radio stations with no letup! What do
      you think will happen? Nothing? You "shoot" those calls to radio and
      they will spin those songs you want! If they say they can't, ask then
      why? And who could you talk to to get your request heard!
      Why should we do that? Because the corporate country says we don't
      want to hear "Bluegrass" music on our "New Country Radio".........
      that's why! Joe Diffie deserves to be heard on the main stream
      lifeline of the stars! So does Vince Gill......... and Alison Krauss!
      If you country fans don't like those stars of country, then ignore my
      article. But, if you love to hear these great stars, then you will
      help them get heard on main stream country media radio and TV, the
      lifeline of every star in United states of America! Let's unite in
      this issue gang! Make corporate country stop segregating us and give
      the fans country music that made our country great!
      What moved me to write this article gang? When I got word that
      another great super star of country, Joe Diffie is bucking corporate
      country and recording a great "Bluegrass" album, knowing that his
      efforts to do so, might not bring him a big profit because the main
      stream media would ignore it, however, he had the guts to do it
      anyway! A true country music star who hates corporate country and
      their insistance of total control for the purpose of selfish greed
      with no care, or respect for any of the stars (Legendary or other
      wise), and for the fans, of our country! Joe Diffie! My Cowboy Hat
      is off to you, and all the stars like Vince Gill, and my favorite
      woman of country, Alison Krauss! Keep singing what you guys want to
      sing! And don't let corporate country chock out of you your great
      personalities that all your fans love!
      Yours truely gang!
      Jimmy Stix
      article made on: Friday, October 3, 2008.
      __________________________________end of article.
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