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"Our Life Is But A moment and then forgotten."

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    Our Life Is But A moment and then forgotten. ____________________________________ By: Jimmy Stix 5-22-08 (Country Music Promoter) www.jimstix.com
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2008
      "Our Life Is But A moment and then forgotten."
      By: Jimmy Stix 5-22-08 (Country Music Promoter)

      William Cox sent me the below words that are between the lines.

      From gophercentral.com's Country news:
      Eddy Arnold's "To Life" Stretches Chart Success Into Seventh Decade

      Eddy Arnold's song, "To Life," will chart on Billboard's country
      airplay chart this week, stretching his chart success into a seventh
      consecutive decade. Arnold recorded the song for his final RCA album,
      released in 2005. The label had planned to honor Arnold on his 90th
      birthday on May 15 by asking radio stations to help chart the single.
      However, he died on May 8. Arnold charted 147 country singles,
      including "Make the World Go Away," "I'll Hold You in My Heart (Till I
      Can Hold You in My Arms)," "Anytime" and "Cattle Call." He earned more
      Top 10 hits (92) and more consecutive Top 10 hits (67) than anyone in
      country history. Arnold is ranked as Billboard's No. 1 country artist
      of all time.
      And I can't help but think of all the country radio people of today,
      and all the young country stars that have no idea how important it is
      to always continue to keep the legends alive by our lifetime of
      playing and respecting their great recordings because someday they
      will be old and grey hoping people in country don't forget them!
      Yes! Today our life is but a moment and then forgotten! Why? Because
      that's life.
      It has always been that way! Famous people who have worked hard
      through the years are forgotten as time ticks onward. It's a real
      shame isn't it?
      Sir Eddy Arnold is truly a great legend of country music and every
      radio station claiming to be country should stand and applaud this
      great talent, with an expression of airtime play of his last resent
      recording. Yes, play some of his older greats, but, play his unheard
      new CD that just came out! Don't just play his old music!
      You young recording artist, stars that will someday be legends of
      country, tell radio that country people do want to remember their
      country heritage by continuing to give tribute to the legends by
      always playing their last, and latest recordings up to, and beyound
      their leaving town like Sir Eddy Arnold just did! After all, you young
      stars would want radio to remember you that way, yes? Or do you want
      country people someday to ignore your great recordings? Put yourself
      in Sir Eddy Arnolds family, friends and fans shoes, sort-of-speak,
      and you will feel a sadness they are experiencing because nobody in
      country radio seems to care about this legend's new recorded country
      music, by not playing even one of the latest songs on his CD! We are
      lucky if they will play an old song of Sir Eddy Arnold's music!
      I'm only fifty six years of age, my whole life in country, and I feel
      so sad that this respect is gone with the wind faster than ever
      before! Never in time has it been more greedy, selfish, unkind,
      hateful, dishonorable, disrespectful, in one generation than it is
      true of today's country people who are in control of the mass media!
      And it sickens be to no end how country people don't complain to radio
      for not giving Sir Eddy Arnold a royal honorable send off that he most
      truly disserves and is owed because of his many years in this great
      country! What is the matter with you people? Has your God given love
      for our country music heritage gone up in smoke with the burning fire
      within you?
      This is Sir Eddy Arnold we are talking about here!
      I'm sorry. I guess I got carried away here in my thoughts. Maybe I'm
      wrong. Maybe I respect our country music heritage to much. After all,
      what could country people really do to force country radio to play
      some of "Sir Eddy Arnold's" NEW CD music. These corporate media
      companies only think of their profits, and they really have no
      feelings like we do?
      So all you young stars of country music, remember, "OUR LIFE IS BUT A
      MOMENT AND THEN FORGOTTEN", and as for Sir Eddy Arnold, may he rest in
      peace. And to all his family, friends and fans, may you be comforted
      to know, my heart and mind is with you and yours on this year of pain
      and sorrow on missing a legend who will not be forgotten in my family.
      Jimmy Stix 5-22-08 --jimstix@...-- www.jimstix.com --END OF
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