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665"It's "CLEAR" To Me, How About You?"

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    Apr 10, 2003

      "It's "CLEAR" To Me, How About You?"

      BY; Jimmy Stix (www.jimmystix.com)
      April 10th 2003

      As I read the "Wall Street Journal" article on Clear Channel, I could
      not help but wonder?

      I Wonder if Clear Channel really sees the Big picture? I wonder if
      they really know what's going on in COUNTRY? I wonder if they really
      care? Why do I say this?

      When the Chief Operating Officer Mark Mays, makes this statement
      before the U.S. Senate Commitee on Commerce, Science and
      Transportation in January, that it's play lists are driven listeners
      tastes and desires, largely determined through audience research
      performed by it's stations, and that the company (Clear Channel)
      takes it's role as a steward of the public airwaves very seriously,
      and doesn't want to jeopardize what it considers to be an important
      public trust.

      Now, I first want to say here, so there is no misunderstanding of
      what I am about to say, I do not have anything personal against
      anyone in Clear Channel, or any of it's affiliates.

      I just have an observation that may help them continue to show a
      willingness to put our COUNTRY in a direction that all, Americans who
      love country music will be happy with. And I'm sure they will agree,
      that's what they want as well. Right?

      To get back now to the statement made to our U. S. Senate Committee
      in January.

      The research they make is limited to mostly audience determination,
      and they use this to base, what direction their play list will go
      in. Who they will play on the public airwaves, and who they will not
      play. Is this a true system gauge to go by, in order to know what the
      American Country Music lovers want to hear on Radio, and see on TV?

      After all, it's been said by me, many, many times over the past 14
      years, that "New Country Radio", (And this is more than just Clear
      Channel "New Country Radio" I'm talking about here) Their Audience
      is not the majority of Country Music Lovers. Why? Because the
      majority of country music lovers are not listening to "New Country
      Radio", even though they would love to listen to the FM Country Radio

      In other words, "New Country Radio" (And that includes Clear Channel)
      is missing a great deal of country music that belongs on radio, and
      the majority of country music lovers in America are not getting to

      The audience research you make, are not getting to the massive
      country people who are upset that radio has forgotten such artist
      like all the Legendary Stars. These stars are still on the major
      markets with brand new releases. Your audiences make up just about
      ten percent of the American Country Music lovers here in the USA.
      When you say that teens in America do not want to hear the older
      stars and their music, even their brand new releases, can you see you
      are wrong about that?

      All ages of country music people out here want to hear the country
      music legendary stars, especailly their brand new country music.

      How important is it to "New Country Radio" that you provide the best
      listening experience for all country people in America?

      Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan announced; "Strong relationships
      with artists and record labels are a priority for our
      business,".....................and provide opportunies for us to
      create better ways to market and promote music for all concern."

      All concern? Well, we hope so Clear Channel, for everyone's sake,
      here in America, where we never want to segregate it's people in any
      area of life. United we stand, and divided we fall, isn't that the
      American way? Of course it is.

      Will Clear Channel, and other companies that own radio stations with
      a country format, really reach out to all the country music people to
      bring us the best possible listening experience for all Americans,
      young, and older?

      Only time will tell, right?

      After all, nobody wants to see Clear Channel suffer, not even me.

      You could truely qoute me on any part of this article gang,
      especially the following.

      I guarantee if Clear Channel, and other "New Country Radio", FM
      companies, would only research beyond their Audiences, they will
      find that the majority country music lovers do, they do, want
      the "New Country Music" on the "Airwaves" that the Legendary Stars
      have on the major markets right now, and these stars have many more
      releases planned for the future.

      And to add to that, the strong relationships with artists and record
      labels are a priority for Clear Channel's business, and we could only
      pray, it's with all artists, and record labels, here in America.
      Because so far, the only artists and record labels having a strong
      relationship with Clear Channel, and other "New Country Music" radio
      stations have not, included the Legendary Stars and their label

      I stand by my statement gang, that any radio station that calls
      themselves COUNTRY, and who do not play the brand new releases from
      such legendary stars, are not COUNTRY! They can not be.

      Prime time COUNTRY radio without our legendary stars and their brand
      new music, is like having the CMA AWARDS SHOW on TV every year,
      without our legendary stars as a part of the show. It's just not the
      American Country music show without these seasoned stars. The
      legendary stars who are still alive, like the great JOHNNY CASH,
      deserve the major attention of every American country music Lover
      now, and in the future.

      And to say that your country music audience do not want to hear the
      brand new country music coming from all the legendary stars, is like
      saying, I, Jimmy Stix, don't like the young new stars that are on
      your stations now. And that's stupid! It's stupidity that
      misunderstands the truth. What is truth? The truth is, every person
      who says they love country, loves the legendary stars! And we, the
      country people want to hear these stars!

      So you see, even your present audience, who love country music,
      right? Do want to hear the legendary stars' brand new releases, they
      must, if they truely love country music here in America they do? Why
      wouldn't they? What would be their reason not to?? I'd like to hear
      it, and everyone reading my article would like to hear their reasons
      too, don't you gang?

      Yes! We love the older country music of the legendary stars, even the
      ones who have past away. And when your stations play these songs on
      weekends, we love it! We are not looking to have these country songs
      on prime-time!

      It's the brand new releases coming from all the living legendary
      stars, like the GREAT JOHNNY CASH, that we want on prime time radio!

      Mr Mark Mays said in the WAll Street Journel, that his company takes
      its role as a steward of the public airwaves very seriuosly, and
      doesn't want to jeopardize what it considers to be an important
      public trust.

      Well, Mr Mark Mays, we will trust that you will see to it that the
      legendary stars and their brand new releases get on the prime time
      airwaves soon, for it is to all of our best interest that you do so.

      _______________________________end of article.