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1069Let's Keep Our Country Great!

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  • jimstixcountrymusic
    Aug 2, 2007
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      Let's Keep Our Country Great!

      I sit here typing this article after viewing the (
      www.allaboutcountry.com ) greatest online country music news magazine
      in the world, and think how fortunate I am having two careers, great
      loving children, a wonderful wife, great friends, fantastic fans, and
      country music people who read my articles. The last one was meant to
      make you all laugh of course!

      I see Trace Adkins Releases First Book October 23rd, great news! Wait
      until you read what he says in this new book! He's a lot like me and
      other rebels who buck the main stream country sometimes! I wish him
      success in his new book!

      I had my first book published on July 2005, and one of the blurbs on
      the back cover of my book is none other than the president and good
      friend of mine of www,allaboutcountry.com, Mr. Bill Hennes! Bill read
      my book and was delighted to be on the back cover. The only thing is,
      the book is about a subject not about country. It's connected to my
      other career, public safety and security for America! What better
      career could I have besides country music than trying to keep America
      safe and secure! After all folks, country music brings families
      together and after September 11th, we all needed to hear the great
      country music helping us all to cope with certain realities in
      today's life of the twenty first century.

      Agian, I am a rebel sometimes when I have to be, and if there is a
      subject I know well, besides country music, it's public safety and
      security. Since 1968 I have been busy with working this career, and
      one thing I know, crime prevention is every American's responsibility!

      I guess it's human for people today to be in a make believe world of
      their own, safe and secure, families living happy, healthy and
      successful. Nothing wrong with a happy family life, we all want such.
      True reality of life after September 11th is too much to fathom for
      Americans over three hundred million populace. We look at our little
      individual worlds as a safe haven far from crime and terrorist

      Until someone in our family circle is a victim of crime! Then the
      world of reality strikes hard, with no natural affection, love,
      kindness, goodness present and panic set's in! Security and safety is
      gone suddenly, just like a raging storm! Like a tornado with no wall,
      tower, thing or person to stop it's powerful surge smashing your make
      believe world to pieces!

      The police made their report, after they arrived, responding to a
      security department's call for help. They investigate and take
      statements from wittnesses (If there was any), then make their
      report. They tell the victim/s that they will do what they can to
      find the criminal/s involved. That's all they can do. And they are
      doing their jobs well. No shame should fall on our Criminal Justice
      system's Vanguard, the police. They are a re-active crime control

      If the crime was at a Shopping mall, Hospital, University or office
      complex, chances are, the corporate owners are afraid the liability
      risk is much to high to give their security departments the right
      tools they need to prevent such crimes against your family. They
      implement a strict policy of hands off, when it comes to preventing
      crime! They are told to call the police if there is something that
      may cause an interruption in the peace and public safety. The owners
      even go as far as telling store keepers in the shopping malls to call
      the police directly, and do not call security, for they are wasting
      time going through the security thinking that the malls security can
      prevent a crime!

      However! This entity (Security) is the only entity that has the
      before, during, and after the fact premise to be successful in
      preventing crime and terrorist attacks. The police are usually at a
      scene after the fact! Please, we are not saying the police are not
      needed! For they must be in place working with security to complete
      the circle of preponderate to fight crime!

      So what happens when these sequence of scenes take place at this
      present time in American history? we then have in the end result,
      many frustrated people! The victim/s, their families, the security,
      the police, the owners, the politicians, and the public! For the
      crime was not prevented! And then everyone looks at the police and
      security, and say, where were you guys?

      Does the United States department of Homeland Security operate in
      these complexes? Then they to are not at a scene before the fact of a
      crime or terrorist attack. Does the Homeland Security department
      encourage the owners of these complexes, Shopping malls, Hospitals,
      Universities/Colleges and office complexes to give their security
      people the tools to prevent crime instead of just responding to these
      problems? Do they encourage law makers to change the laws to help
      private and governmental security people to prevent crime instead of
      acting like police and just respond to a crime in progress?

      In escence, we as American citizens continue to ignore facts. Facts
      that will hit you right in the face, at any moment! You want more
      crime prevention? Then supply the before factor that will altimately
      prevent your family from being the next victims in
      universities/colleges, hospitals, Shopping Malls and other complexes.

      My research that started in 1968, shows that our communities could
      benefit greatly if large complexes would take the responsibility of
      preventing their own inevitable crime and terrorist attacks! Folks
      our front lines are not secure!

      We have space age technology today that would boggle the minds of all
      Americans! This 21fst century technology is barely used in America,
      but, if it was, security would use it to prevent crime! You'd be
      surprised how much of this technology isn't being used in shopping
      malls, hospitals, universities/colleges and other complexes. It would
      put you in panic mode, and I could prove it! I am very concerned when
      my family visits these complexes knowing what I do about their
      security as it is now. Security at present time will not prevent
      In hospitals, there are so many crimes covered up that if you knew
      you'd also be concerned as I am. Look what happen at Virginia Tech.,
      something I say should never happen, especially when it is proven
      that it could have truly been prevented to the degree it did!

      I know it is human to live in your family make believe worlds, the
      safe haven we all need just to keep from becoming depressed over the
      September 11th reality of things. But, when it comes to preventing
      crime and terrorist attacks at the frontline level, somebody needs to
      do something, and soon!

      I know that there are many other security people and police out in
      America that sees what I see. Please! Pass this article on to
      everyone you can, and maybe, just maybe, we could prevent a family
      from experiencing crime!

      Preventing crime and terrorist attacks is the responsibility of all
      Americans! Especially the corporations that own these big complexes
      that draw large crowds! Terrorist attacks will be centered on these
      areas! And some entity needs to prevent crime! Not just respond to it!

      I pray that the media grabs my article and runs with it so things
      change in security for America, before you, and your family
      experience crime! My family is dear to me to, and if any of my family
      members experience crime, knowing what I know about crime prevention,
      it would cut my heart deep! It's like a medical doctor who can't save
      his family member at a crime scene because his hands are forced tied!

      Everybody worries about the liability risk of any operation. The
      Cities worry about their police putting them in a high liability risk
      when acting in a pysical way. Shopping Malls and other complexes
      worry about their security acting in such a way that it would put
      them in a high liability risk and that's why they play it safe
      insisting that security have a hands off policy! But, what they don't
      understand is, that you could be putting yourself in a higher
      liability risk for not putting hands on! For a crime could be
      commited before the police get there, after security calls the
      police! As time ticks onward I foresee lawyers winning cases against
      these complexes for not having security that would prevent crime
      against your family while shopping in their mall or place of business.

      America, Wake Up! Is the Title of my book, and if you'd like a copy,
      AMAZON and TARGET is selling it and you can get a copy right off my
      website, www.irg-security.us, and if you do get a copy please, e-mail
      me and tell me what you think of it, ok?

      Article by;

      Jimmy Stix (my stage name)
      Country Music Promoter/DJ

      James R. White, Jr.,PSSC
      Public safety and Security Consultant

      P O Box 84
      Sand Lake, New York
      USA 12153-0084

      End of article.