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Text Flirting

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  • C. K.
    http://gogo.kubera.ro/a.htm ***************************** After several e-mail exchanges on an Internet website or even after meeting during a drunken night
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2006

      After several e-mail exchanges on an Internet
      website or even after meeting during a drunken
      night out in a club or bar, text flirting is often
      the next step made by couples in the UK via mobile
      phones. Once a rapport has been made, (by some
      unspoken new rule of dating), sending a text is
      often the first thing we do. No initial awkward
      telephone conversations anymore!

      Texting can be fun and several weeks may pass by
      without a spoken word being exchanged between the
      text couple. Nowadays it is almost the standard
      way of communicating with everyone and especially
      love interests, in fact most people would not
      consider phoning when they can send a text.

      It is important to remember that text words are
      often very different from written words. When
      embarking on a text exchange, knowing what the
      abbreviations mean is vital as it is a whole new

      Texting at the start of a relationship can be fun
      with exchanges lasting several days and even
      weeks. One of the reasons for this must be the
      fact that when we text someone we know they are
      thinking of us every time a text is received and
      sent. Whereas a phone call may last only 20
      minutes and then be forgotten, a text conversation
      can last for a week or even more.

      Text flirting is growing in popularity; giggles
      from men and women on receiving a text can be
      heard all over the world. No one else can hear
      your exchanges and this encourages open and frank
      chat between texters.

      Text conversations are often more flirty and
      risqué than when people meet in the flesh, which
      can lead to interesting first dates between people
      meeting via small ads and the internet.

      Though on meeting the text couple sometimes feel
      unsure of each other and how to act, texting can
      lead to a solid base for a good relationship as
      the couple know each other on a deeper level
      before meeting which can lead to a first date
      minus awkwardness experienced in days before
      mobile texting.

      In fact sometimes couples can skip the first date
      altogether as they discover they are not
      compatible via texting before even meeting and say
      goodbye without even speaking. Perhaps if they had
      met they would realise that they were made for
      each other and some good relationships have never
      had a chance because of the joy of texting!

      Another way of using texting is to feel the water
      after an argument, instead of a tentative call, a
      text is sent and a reply hoped for to clear the
      way for a reunion!

      Text flirting continues throughout a relationship
      and of course the downside is that if a
      relationship comes to an end sometimes a ‘Dear
      John’ text is used rather than holding a

      While this can be frowned upon in some societies
      and with older people, in our modern world it is a
      quick and convenient way of dumping someone
      without having a messy break up conversation.
      Receiving a ‘Dear John’ text may seem harsh but it
      is better than to say goodbye after several months
      of dating, having one more good date and never
      hearing from the other person again. The UK text
      flirt phenomenon is most definitely going to be
      here for some time to come!!

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