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RE: [learningfromeachother] Teach-Ins

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Pam , Asif and all, both meetings are very interesting. I ll attend both. Thanks so much Pam for you idea to manage them in chatting room as well and
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 20, 2007
      Dear Pam , Asif and all,
      both meetings are very interesting. I'll attend both. Thanks so much Pam for you idea to  manage them in chatting room as well and  for suggestion of collecting questions in advance. Regarding Moodle i'm practicing it and I'm very interested to share what we know about it.
      All thre best!
      Maria Agnese

      asif.daya@... ha scritto:
      We will be having a Moodle Webinar soon at TrainersPod - on Aug 30th at 10:30 starts at 11 am EDT/ New York Time.

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      For a similar reason as yours, I cannot join any of the online meetings until after August 17 when I would be done with my summer assignment which takes me away from home early and return late. I'm however interested in the Moodle/Skpe and the video bridge initiative. Thanks for getting back!

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:
      Samwel, Fred, Prince, Asif, and anyone else who is interested in our planned Moodle Teach-In using Skype.

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you all on this. I was hoping to arrange something for this month - but was suddenly asked to do some extra work (for money)  which has put extra pressure on me at an already very busy time.
      I won't be able to arrange anything now before the start of August.

      Aisf. Thank you for the Trainerspod Moodle references.

      Regarding a time to meet. I can never do Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday afternoons - but except for that my time is fairly flexible once we get to the start of August except I like to be at our first Thursday chats of course ;-) 

      Maria. I hope your exams went well. Maybe as you suggested this session please would you suggest three or four times that would suit you during the first couple of weeks in August and we can see which ones suit people best.


      On 16/07/07, Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo@ yahoo.it> wrote:
      Dear Pam,
      sorry for delay, of course I'm very interested in this webinar on moodle!!!
      I'll be there.
      Thanks a lot of the arrangement of this appointment.
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese Giraudo

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> ha scritto:
      Maria,  everyone interested in a skype meeting, everyone interested in some Learning From Each Other about ICT.

      Maria - You have asked to learn more about some aspects of ICT.  You have particularly mentioned Moodle.  Also we want to experiment with Skype for our e-meetings.
      I don't know how far you have already gone with Moodle.  Lorraine and I have experimented with it a bit.  If you are a complete "newbie" we would be happy to show you around our Moodle and share with you what we know.  If you are more experienced than us then we would like to learn from you.
      Rick, Sasha, Fred, Samwel, Asif and Prince (is there anyone else - please forgive me if I have not remembered) you were interested in joining in a Skype conference - Do you want to come to the Moodle one or to something different?  Please let me know what. 

      Shall we agree to will meet on Skype for a Moodle Teach-In?  I think nine is the maximum number for a Skype conference - but if more than 9 want to join we can have some kind of waiting list - or first come first served with places. We will discover best ways to arrange things.

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