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Kennedy Owino's visit to TheNetherlands and Italy

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    I am very excited to announce the visit of Kennedy Owino and James of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats from Kenya to TheNetherlands (July 9th - August 5th) and Italy
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4 2:56 AM
      I am very excited to announce the visit of Kennedy Owino and James of Nafsi
      Afrika Acrobats from Kenya to TheNetherlands (July 9th - August 5th) and
      Italy (August 5th - August 20th). Kennedy is an active participant of our
      Minciu Sodas laboratory:

      His deepest value is "Cherished sustainable livelihoods" and his
      investigatory question is "How can the Urban youth here in Kenya also play a
      role in Agriculture which is one of the backbones of Kenyan economy?" and I
      think other questions as well. He works with the street children in the
      Kibera slums which is very important to Chris Macrae and others. He will be
      bringing some video and photos from Kenya.

      Thank you to Maria Agnese Giraudo, Janet Feldman, myself and others who are
      making the difference so that such dreams can come true, making real the
      that "what you believe is what happens". Sometimes it is simply not dashing
      hope, but looking for how to open its way, even transformed.

      Agnese asked me to make clear that this Kennedy's visit is a project of our
      Minciu Sodas laboratory and that all of our help is needed for it to be the
      greatest success. Kennedy, please keep your receipts and you can indicate
      Minciu Sodas as your organization where you think appropriate. I look
      forward to our help to explore opportunities in business and to support our
      projects. They include:
      * Helping Ken and James meet more people in TheNetherlands and Italy and
      encourage them to participate at our laboratory's groups. Ken please collect
      their emails and get their permission to sign them up for one of our groups.
      * Building video bridges with Ken during his stay in TheNetherlands and
      * Learning how to build video bridges so that one day we might do that with
      * Trying to purchase or get good used equipment such as laptops, I think
      sell for as little as 300 USD.
      * Purchasing flash drives in bulk (for example, 20 for 140 USD) and
      them in Kenya to raise money.
      * Thinking through computer assembly, what parts might we ship to Kenya and
      what parts might we best purchase locally, or even create? I ask Sasha
      Mrkailo to help with this research little by little.
      * Considering what projects we might do on-the-ground in Kibera and also in
      rural Kenya.
      * Learning about wireless Internet access.
      * Preparing the way for Samwel Kongere's trip to Europe next year.
      * Connecting with potential clients for our laboratory.

      Thank you all for helping!
      and I look forward to our joining us for chat tomorrow Thursday, July 5th,
      4:30 pm Nairobi time, 2:30 London time, 9:30 New York time about
      projects in Africa: http://www.worknets.org/chat/


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Data , "nafsiafricaacro" <nafsiafricaacro@...> Rašyta:
      >I would not like to get caught up so much in our destination , that
      >i would forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of
      >the people i met and often meet on the way.
      >Without overlooking appreciation, I acknowledge the efforts of all
      >the independent thinkers who played a role in making our travel (Ken
      >and James of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats) to Amsterdam a possibility.
      >Particular thanks to Maria Agnesse Giraudo, who came to my rescue
      >when i was at a point of "lost hopes".
      >She took it upon herself to raise 900 Euros from her own Savings and
      >those of friends to help me buy a air ticket to Holland.
      >Also Thanks to Andrius, Janet, Shasha and everybody who has been an
      >instrumental part of our much anticipated travel.
      >And for all your efforts big or small, in thought, spiritual or
      >financial, i say -Namaste!
      >Maria, i appreciate your ideas and having been the source behind the
      >Italy tour initiative!
      >For all the contacts and links, we hope to erect steel bridges out
      >of those provisions you made.
      >We arrive in Amsterdam on July 9th, at 19:10, flight 116 Kenya
      >We stay until 5th Aug and thereafter go to Italy( between 5th July-
      >20th Aug 2007).
      >We depart For Nairobi on 20th Aug at 10:15 Flight 565 KlM from
      >We are arranging some initiative in Rome, Turin and Santa Marinella
      >or Civitavecchia.
      >In this initiative, we will give workshops, presentation on Nafsi
      >and it's projects, and some demonstrative shows.
      >In the workshops, emphasis is put on developing the capacity of the
      >street children and other unfortunate youths to participate, as
      >appropriate, in urban poverty reduction responsibilities, and also
      >elimination of such vices like crime and drug abuse. The rationale
      >lies in the provision of a friendly approach to training
      >opportunities in Yoga, acrobatics, dance, music, drama, and fine
      >Arts and crafts."
      >We highly welcome your thoughts and any more links.
      >Samuel, when are you probably coming to Nairobi?
      >When can we meet?
      >We will edit the footages into some two minutes stories.
      >We hope to complete this by 8th July 2007.
      >Then also the issue with the Camera, who takes the responsibility of
      >keeping it while we will be away?
      >I guess the camera should be accessible to all independent thinkers
      >in our region who may have, or like to cover their gathered stories.
      >I otherwise wish everybody good.
      >Learn, share, teach, fly, and provide wings to everybody.
      >Kennedy Owino
      >Nafsi Afrika acrobats,
      >Please note our rule: Each letter sent to the Holistic Helping group enters
      the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise. Thank you!
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