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  • Pamela McLean
    Ref - Maria wrote on the ýLFEO - How we use the Internet thread: .......I would like to explore with your guide many tools. But at the moment I ask you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2007
      Ref - Maria wrote on the " ‎LFEO - How we use the Internet" thread:

       ".......I would like to explore with your guide many tools. But at the moment I ask  you if it would be possible to meet together using  a chatting tool and some wiki or other similar tool. I think that if we are many people and some of them  have linguistic problems,  we need to integrate chatting with some common writing chance!........."
      Hi Maria

      I like your idea very much, let's explore further.  How can we best arrange it?  Maybe we should focus on your specific needs and questions, and then see who can answer them.
      I am thinking of something a bit like the "master classes" I have seen on TV where a music student has a lesson from an expert in front of an audience. However, I don't know if we can find one individual expert to teach you (certainly I am not a techie expert) - but this is the LearningFromEachOther group so that is not a problem- we can just share what we know. Perhaps you and I should chose a "time and place" to meet, and then invite others to join us.  I think we'll call it a "Teach-in" rather than a "Master Class". If we all work through your questions, sharing what knowledge and experiences we have, we should all manage to learn something.

      Comparing our Teach-in to a "Master Class":
       ~ You will be "the student";
       ~ The people who offer information to you will be like "the master"
       ~ Anyone who comes along to lurk will be the audience. 

      If there is time at the end then we could let "the audience" ask "the master" their own questions - but the focus and structure would come from your interests and needs.
      You mentioned combining chat with other approaches including the wiki, and finding ways to overcome linguistic problems.  Please share more of your ideas about how we should do this.  It would be lovely to develop a format which will really fill the need.
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