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how we use the internet

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  • christopher macrae
    My train of clues would be (and I realise this reflects 14 years of personal transparency, peer open truth learing and flow use that may be contextually at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
      My train of clues would be (and I realise this reflects 14 years of personal transparency, peer open truth learing and flow use that may be contextually at the edge of your needs):
      1 you will get far more from a combinational cluster of tools than one alone but only if you are very conscious of key flow criteria, so that you do not disconnect any walk of life
      2 paradoxically you need to think of how your cluster will work for the most digitally disconnected people within your empowerment as well as the top people whom you may ever wwant to challenge and eg get sustainability budgets for
      3 those 2 opposite ends will need different combinatorial tools and of course a middle flow
      4 at the unempowerend end the simplest questions are what can be connected to at all and how cheap as well as ubiquitous it it to access- I personally would never throw out email as the most basic network competence of all, and believe that blogspot.com is pretty robust - but beware I prefer to use blogs like free webs over-riding their diary format with contents at the top- but in doing this google has a tendency to delete your whole blog at least if you dont keep on replying every 6 months to their measages asking if a real person is actively editing the blog; note also I believe that blogs can interact like micro-wikis.
      5 the big question is whether you are going to go beyond text and use video. In my perfect world there would be no  video on the net, but since there is we who have sustainabilty and empowerment stories to tell have to collaborate and empower local reality storytelling before the whole net sinks in junk. That is why even if a deep local community stil doesnt have bandwidth ever to see eg youtubes we in highly conecte dnations must get these stories up and in the faces as well as the facebooks of wealthier youth who need to know the difference bewteen the worst of American Idol and the best of http://kibera.tv or http://24economics.blogspot.com or http://africanidol.tv or http://cidaworld.tv or http://wiki.espians.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670257246 or http://www.ted.com/index.php/profiles/browse/associations/1422
      6 I actually love chat but not in the form I am invited into it 99% of the time. I hate to have to install more soft every different chat format and equally I hate to be interrupted bu random instant messengers. If however we were all part of one big enough collaboration community to know that at certain times of day or week we could convene sufficient quorums to chat on one simple chat modality -eg that within a mother of all empowerment yahoogroups then that would make sense. In real meetings the greatest tool is open space but not unless before everyone leaves all have shared their emails and anyone who doesnt sum up their project meetings (ver minimal detail: who was at this meeting; topic name; any do now actions and experimental projects forming) within 3 days is excommunicated.
      I guess I have already gone on too long - you could play the exercise of what one tool would you add to the above or if you must wjat one would you delete
      chris macrae us 301 881 1655
      oh yes - as network connectors: I also absolutely hate mobile phones unless of course they are used the way grameen vilagers do to share all the most vital information flows connecting one vilage to another and the whole world; the only modality of any value they have elsewhere is if you keep them for emergency only but since training peers to agree to that is nigh on impossible I switch mine almost permanently off and forget to recharge the batteries anyway
      my other hate is any web interface that is incompatible with standard html; wherever we have compatibility a vital idea once coded can be replicatred any web that wants it; as soon as even one html code is changed the cost of translation gets almost impossible to flow www 

      For email that puts you in control, choose Yahoo! Mail.
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