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Fwd: [UgaBYTES] $250K RFP for telecentre implementation

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  • Pamela McLean
    Relevant anyone? ... From: Esther Nasikye Date: 27-Jun-2007 12:59 Subject: [UgaBYTES] $250K RFP for telecentre implementation To:
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      Relevant anyone?

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      From: Esther Nasikye <nasikye@...>
      Date: 27-Jun-2007 12:59
      Subject: [UgaBYTES] $250K RFP for telecentre implementation
      To: tc-mena@..., ugabytes@...

      Hi all,
      Here is an opportunity for a community or organisation to win $250,000 for
      the implemention of an innovative and sustainable telecentre solution.

      The Open Architecture Challenge is an open international design
      competition that reaches beyond the traditional bounds of architecture by
      challenging industry professionals and others to develop innovative and
      sustainable solutions to improve living conditions around the world.
      Every two years this initiative will tackle a different systemic issue
      faced by half the world's population that is living on less than $2 a day.

      Open Architecture Challenge is currently in the process of inviting local
      organizations in communities that lack connectivity and would benefit from
      a technology center or telecentre. This initiative will provide up to
      $250,000 for the implementation of the selected winning design.
      If you are an organization that is interested in becoming the recipient of
      such a facility and would like to partner on this initiative please find
      details in the link below.

      Deadline: July 20 2007

      The challenge is organized by Architecture for Humanity and Advanced Micro
      Devices (AMD)

      Details are available here

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