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      Sharing from another Listserv.


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      Subject: Primary Content Collection

      From: Trevor Getz < tgetz@...>
      Subject: Primary Content Collection
      Date: May 7, 2007 8:57:14 PM EDT

      Dear colleagues,

      About a year ago, H-Afrteach with the assistance of Joy Palmer at MATRIX
      began to build a Primary Content Collection. Our vision was a truly
      collaborative system in which scholars and teachers working in and studying
      Africa could share content - links, lesson plans, syllabi, primary sources,
      and images - and eventually build classes together. We especially hoped
      this would allow us to work more closely with our colleagues on the African

      This week brings us closer to our goal with the announcement of the newest
      iteration of the H-Afrteach Primary Content Collection, the infrastructure
      for which is now built into our website at http:// www.h-net.org/~afrteach/
      . You will find it about half way down the page on the left.

      Users can currently do three things with the collection

      1) You can browse the collection. As of now, we have 200 links and 20
      images up, as well as about a dozen syllabi but no lesson plans or
      assignments (yet). You can browse by clicking on one of the buttons on the
      left: ("links", "images", "syllabi", etc.).
      2) You can also search the collection by clicking on "Advanced Search".
      Searches can be conducted by topic, disipline, region, chronology, and/or
      3) You can contribute content. We would invite you to do so by clicking on
      "contribute content" to upload your images, syllabi, lesson plans, and other
      content. You will be asked for a username/ password combination. These
      are listed below. After you have uploaded your content, the H-Afrteach
      editors will okay it for distribution within 24 hours. Let me thank you
      ahead of time for contributing in this way.

      Links: hafrteach/links
      Images: hafrteach/images
      Lesson Plans/Syllabi: hafrteach/lessons
      Assignments: hafrteach/assignments

      We at H-Afrteach are really excited about a technology that we are
      pioneering, but which we think will be useful for all H-Net lists in the


      Trevor Getz, for the H-Afrteach Editors
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