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Andrius and Pamela chat about learning

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    This evening I chatted with Pamela McLean of London, UK who leads our working group Learning From Each Other .
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2006
      This evening I chatted with Pamela McLean of London, UK who leads our
      working group "Learning From Each Other".
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ We touched upon our
      business thinking and community currency and contacting John Rogers and
      working on our online learning environment for community currency so I
      share with our Cyfranogi working group as well
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/ Andrius Kulikauskas,

      Andrius: Hi Pamela are you there?
      … I'm writing a letter about the Public Domain thematic network.
      … There's another person who is writing a proposal so I won't have to.
      … But I'd like to encourage them to work publicly through your group
      Learning From Each Other.
      … Would that be fine?
      … Just doublechecking.
      Pamela: tah sound good
      … THnks for suggesting it
      Andrius: great! How are you?
      Pamela: oops .. typos .. sorry
      … fine .. and you..
      … not enougth time for all I woudl like to do of course.. but otherwise
      .. fine.
      Andrius: ok so that's what I wanted to check, we're in touch and I'm
      glad that LFEO is building momentum
      Pamela: yes
      … I am happy with the way it is going..
      Andrius: great!
      Pamela: I hope to send something again soon - but first I need to
      acknowledge Janet and Benoit.
      … Behind teh scenes we are also getting a feeling for how our Moodle is
      useful in serving our needs... I think wihtin teh next month or so the
      activity shoudl start to show in some small way at the "front" not just
      behnd the scenes.
      … I think various things that at present are a bit fragmentary will come
      together - I hope so...
      Andrius: That's great
      … Yes
      Pamela: some of it .. it is just best to play with things in a small
      ways and learn by trial and imporvement.. and then .. when ther is a
      small example running it is easier to share vision...
      … how are you feeling about how things are going for your lab in general?
      … I admire the way that you nurture us...
      Andrius: Thank you! I'm glad things are rolling in a good direction. I'm
      getting some encouraging leads in response to what we've been working
      on, so that's a relief.
      Pamela: What you are doing is timely .. . good to have spoken with you again
      Andrius: Our meeting is timely! I'll share our chat.
      Pamela: Not many people have a good wide reacing network whihc is
      concerned with prodauct and process - or in our case perhaps .. conduit
      adn contnet.. perhaps I have alead commented that to our group or
      perhaps I have onlt thought it..
      … Eek I must remember thta you do that and check for typos before I hit
      send when we chat ;-)
      Andrius: Oh, it's great you say that! And I look forward to us linking
      up with more such networks into a bigger culture.
      Pamela: yes - and your ideas of financial systems are an important part
      of it...
      … I am trying to write about that too...
      … I believe we are currently at a stage of "information barter"...
      … we give freely - but choose to do so with peolle who are also giving
      freely so both sides feel enriched..
      … oops "people"...
      … we have not got the right unit of exchange (currency system) for more
      complicated interactions invovlving riches of information....
      Andrius: yes and that's also why it's great we have John Rogers and
      Cyfranogi and their community currency expertise
      Pamela: I love to talk with you because I don't have to explain anythign
      to you before I share ideas.
      Andrius: likewise!
      Pamela: :)
      … I hope we can meet up again next time you are in UK..
      Andrius: yes
      Pamela: or maybe we can do something online
      Andrius: think of our whole lab as your resource
      Pamela: with a focus adn invite other people...
      Andrius: so if you could lead an activity we would all benefit
      Pamela: let us think aroudn that...
      … really?
      Andrius: Also I suggest that some day you visit John Rogers and his gang
      out in Wales.
      Pamela: what kind of activity?
      … we shoudl meet up online first..
      Andrius: You might get to know more about the virtues of community
      currency and also John is very interested in learning
      Pamela: maybe I need to join his group.
      Andrius: One activity you might lead is an "online party" or even simply
      an online chat.
      Pamela: I also need to join the group that Janet suggested.
      Andrius: Sure, send a blank message to
      cyfranogi-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and likewise Janet's group
      Pamela: maybe our group emails should have a list of all the groups at
      the bottom with joining instructions - not just details of our own
      … Thasn for links
      Andrius: We have 20 groups!
      Pamela: Hmm - that is good - but quite a list..
      … Bak to toughts of a meeting - I work with Asif Daya of Trainerspod.He
      is able to make Elluminate sessions available for me to lead from time
      to time..
      … should we use that together sometime, with our group members and
      inviting others in to see what our work is about....
      … I liek to have a time for informal meeting adn greeting first... and
      making sure people are happy they know how to use Elluminate well wnough
      to participate in an active way...
      … (I have only used iti once .. but I am getting a feeling for the group
      Andrius: Do we need to download it or is it available on the web?
      Pamela: thenn when people have settled in ready it si time for the power
      point - like a keynote....
      … I will look for some links for you....
      Andrius: http://www.elluminate.com/
      Pamela: (clap)
      Andrius: Do we need to download the software?
      … Or is it available on the web?
      Pamela: The lovely part of it for a teahcer is that while you are
      presenting the power point peopel can "talk amongst themselves"...
      Andrius: that is good
      Pamela: there is a small download
      Andrius: Do you have a power point that you would like to present?
      Pamela: you do not have to brekd off to find out what their side
      interests are...
      … I woudl have to prepare.. what about you...
      … doe you have soemthign that we should focus on..
      … YOu could present - or we could present together..
      Andrius: I think it would be better if we focused on an investigatory
      question that somebody is working on
      Pamela: Asif would arrange a practice sesion for us first if we wanted...
      … Tha sounds good..
      Andrius: for example you are interested in How do we use ICT to enable
      an educational system that lets self-directed learners be agents of
      their own learning?
      Pamela: though soem of teh questiosn are very wire..
      … oops " wide...
      Andrius: And that would be relevant for the online learning environment
      for community currency.
      … So we could have a session about that.
      … And use appropriate technologies.
      Pamela: It seems a bit self important to choose my own favourite question...
      Andrius: I'm afraid that Elluminate is a proprietary technology and we
      might be able to find free substitutes that would be less of a ghetto.
      Pamela: Sure..
      Andrius: I'd like to encourage self-importance!
      … But you could surely focus on somebody else's.
      Pamela: but we are only using it as a conduit...
      Andrius: Well, what do you know, we're #1 at Google for "investigatory
      Pamela: I laughed out loud at that - I do not know the smily for
      Andrius: and #5 and #10 for "key concept"
      … Yeah, that's pretty nice.
      Pamela: I do not often need it online ;-)
      … ??
      … #5 #10 ??
      Andrius: We're nr.5 and nr.10 at Google for "key concept"
      Pamela: YOu are please so I guess that is a good mark ;-)
      Andrius: I'm thinking that I grouped our investigatory questions and
      there is a group for
      Pamela: What about you...
      … and use of ICT in your grous..
      Andrius: there is a group for "personal growth" which includes learning
      Pamela: your are exploring the same key concept...
      Andrius: Would you like to lead a session on that group of questions?
      Pamela: I would love to explore the idea more now - but I think I must
      go soon.

      Investigatory Questions related to Personal Growth:

      AndriusKulikauskas How can we organize an online learning environment
      based on sharing first hand knowledge?

      LucasGonzalezSantaCruz How can I learn to help people (especially
      proactive and generous people) in their intention of finding better ways
      (on their own and also together)?

      GrahamDouglas Could integration, meaning, power, love, excellence,
      animalism, sensualism, existence and dependence be regarded as a summary
      of basic human needs?

      JoyTang: Who is I? What are the 100 ways to be happy?

      MariaAgneseGiraudo How can people stuck in the Western work system apply
      themselves creatively for the education of youth?

      PamelaMcLean How do we use ICT to enable an educational system that lets
      self-directed learners be agents of their own learning?

      MudisSalkauskas Who am I and why am I here? Kas aš ir kodėl aš gyvenu?

      RaimundasVaitkevicius Kaip valdyti savo laiką? How to manage one's time?

      AndriusKulikauskas What are principles that would help me express my
      creative spirit in any artistic genre, especially song, drama, poetry
      and drawing?

      DavidEllison-Bey How to get people to know their real self?

      GrahamStewart How serious are you? Until you take yourself seriously
      no-one else will

      HansGeorgPestka Was ist dir wichtig im Leben? Why, in our cultures, do
      so many people not reflect on things and just passively consume?

      JosesSanga How will people react to my performance?

      LeonBenjamin How do I become zero?

      LuciaRamsonius How to be eternally happy?

      NancyCailleteau How do I blend life and work seemlessly? where I do what
      I love all the time.

      StacyAuma If one is not fully Qualified can one get the competition at a

      UllaGawlik Why don't we use the knowledge that we have as human beings?

      StefanGnescio How can you effectively and quickly teach people to think
      critically, analytically, rationally, scientifically?

      VictoriaGascon How do you break the cycle for your child, from a
      fatherless life?

      VictoriaGascon How to develop and keep a healthy, mature and safe
      environment for families to grow together?

      Pamela: Tomorrow I ave to visit mymother adn I have lots of routine work
      to do before then...
      Andrius: We could ask each person interested to prepare something
      relevant to their question and share that and look for ways to help each
      other make progress.
      … Just something to think about.
      Pamela: Tomorrow I ave to visit mymother adn I have lots of routine work
      to do before then...
      … YOUr question is enough..
      … let us go with that..
      Andrius: OK
      … That would be a great help.
      … Let's think about it.
      … Peace.
      Pamela: It si like my question but put more clearly ..
      … we will think..
      … I love to meet with you Andrius, thank you.
      … bye for now
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