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RE: [globalvillages] Maths/welcome Ibrahim (plz join HH too!)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Ibrahim, Andrius, and All, Fantastic to see Ibrahim here, who is an ActALIVE member, as is Lenny! Ibrahim, don t know if you realized I m here too, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2006
      Dear Ibrahim, Andrius, and All,
      Fantastic to see Ibrahim here, who is an ActALIVE member, as is Lenny!  Ibrahim, don't know if you realized I'm here too, but wanted to welcome you, and also to ask that you join my own working group--Holistic Helping--which is focused in part on Africa, and where Lenny and others are. You can subscribe by posting to:  holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
      Andrius, hope you'll steer people with African focus to HH too--as you have done in the past--and also include us in technology posts (such as your "technology evangelist" one), as this is one of the central focal points we have in the HH group, and I have often posted abt my own work and "boosterism" in that regard (GenARDIS, GRASSUP, KAIPPG, Sam and his learning center, et al).
      With blessings and very best wishes, and here's to creative calculations, as they always add up, haha! Janet 
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      Ibrahim, Thank you for writing to our GlobalVillages working group! It's always exciting to get a letter from Tanzania. I share with our LearningFromEachOth er working group (because we're interested to respond to such questions) and also our Cyfranogi working group (because it relates to how we think about money). You may first wonder how I am able to edit your incoming letter! We check the first letter that comes to each group to make sure that the author is a real participant, not a spammer. Then we change the settings so that in the future your letters go straight through. I will take the opportunity to answer your question. The trick is that the tip is part of what was spent and is not extra! So they each paid 9,000 and that equals the 2,000 tip and the 25,000 meal. So you should subtract the tip rather than add the tip. Yes, the customers have spent the money, which means they don't have it, and the waiter and the cashier have got the money. The story confuses who had what when - the customers had the money before they spent it - but the waiter and cashier ended up with that money. So it's not correct to add the customers' money and the waiter's money. It's the same money but at different times. Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.ms. lt
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      Forgive me for wrong posting but this is a challenge that we(over 20people) were not able to agree on and i would like to have some help from the group.
      Its a maths challenge, seem easy but difficult.This is a scenario
      3people went to a resuarant and had a meal, a bill of 30,000 was presented by the waiter to which they all contributed 10,000 each.
      the casher told the waiter that the customers were over billed and took 25,000 and asked the waiter to return 5000.the waiter brought back 5000 to the customers who gave 2000 to the waiter as a tip and shared the remaining 3000 equaly.
      At the end, each customer has spent 9000(10,000 minus the 1000 returned) now 9000 for each customer makes a total of 27,000 and if we add the tip 2000 is 29,000.
      there is 1000 unaccounted for, where could it be? or is it a fault in maths?

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