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Roy, Graham, Neil ; Ethical Public Domain thematic network

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Roy, it s great to hear from you! http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Roy_Roebuck And thank you for thinking of us! I can share your need for analysts more broadly.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2006
      Roy, it's great to hear from you! http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Roy_Roebuck
      And thank you for thinking of us! I can share your need for analysts
      more broadly. Certainly, it would be great to work for you! We'll be
      developing a system for showing what our network can offer in terms of
      people and their skills and availability. I look forward to learning how
      that might serve you.

      Neil, Yes, I'm interested how I and our lab might participate in your
      proposal. Please write more!

      Graham, I'm happy being a sole proprietor and I'm interested that our
      participants take the lead where our network might have a need for a
      non-profit, a corporation, a cooperative, etc. I think that the more you
      write publicly about your Integrative Federation model, the more it
      would be clear who might best benefit. I have trouble appreciating the
      benefit of a secret model. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


      I spoke with Franz Nahrada today about the possibility of our Minciu
      Sodas being the lead of a European Union thematic network for the Public
      Domain. I will speak with our country's expert on this, if we have one,
      it seems that R. Malaiška has participated.

      My idea is to call it "Ethical Public Domain" and our work would be to
      analyze each domain where content is generated and considered what is
      the ethically best way to treat content given the relevant issues. And
      then to make recommendations as to how laws should be changed and how to
      focus on ethical rather than legal solutions. And how to integrate
      different kinds of content in different situations.

      So, for example, Franz said that in video bridging it is ethical that
      every participating community be a contributor of content. Otherwise it
      won't work.

      Or, for example, as Thomas Kalka noted, one argument against public
      domain software is that supposedly author's are not protected against
      presumed warrantees and associated liability. Well, instead of
      abandoning the public domain, why not clarify if the laws are unethical
      and should be changed?

      One idea is to have a video bridge center in every European country and
      have them in other countries so that we could have their input because
      this is a global issue.

      And we will think of social networking (people's implicit content) and
      video bridges (most explicit content) as two ends of a spectrum and
      every other kind of content is somewhere in between.

      And I will approach the Creative Commons and especially the Creative
      Commons Europe as to how we might include them.

      I note there is a related workshop in Berlin on September 17th.
      by Roland Alton-Scheidl, PUBLIC VOICE Lab & Project Lead
      RegisteredCommons.org, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
      http://www.media.coop/project/ecplus/ wiki
      Perhaps we can work together. Perhaps we might be partners in each
      other's proposals? Or be in one proposal?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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